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The Half Syringe: What It's Really For

Awhile back I wrote a blog called: How to Not Buy Disappointment: A Guide to How Much Filler You’ll Need.” This is like an annex to that blog: this time let’s focus on the half syringe, why people ask for it, and what it’s REALLY for.

At least several times each week someone will tell us they want a half syringe only. Over the years I’ve come to understand this request is often based on either a financial need or a fear of looking overdone. Financial is probably the top reason and I understand this one hundred percent. If I didn’t work in this field, I would likely not be able to afford fillers and Botox – or at least the treatments would be few and far between. That said, please do not let finances dictate your cosmetic treatment plan. It is much better to wait and save up to get the results you really want.

Why do we offer half syringes? We started offering this because we began having an influx of younger clients, specifically younger clients coming in for lip injections. When you’re younger you generally don’t have much volume loos, thus you don’t need to inject much product to create a beautiful result. We were also seeing more clients with naturally full lips who simply wanted some extra plump (again, not much added volume needed here).

What does a half syringe of product look like? Most of the fillers we use (like Restylane and Juvederm) are made of hyaluronic acid (HA) and they come in 1 ml syringes, which equates to one teaspoon. The HA looks like a clear gel, in varying consistencies depending on the specific product. Now picture a teaspoon, and then a HALF teaspoon. Shoot that’s about how much cayenne I put in my egg salad and I still can’t taste it!

Now picture a half teaspoon of filler making a difference in any given treatment area. Honestly it really won’t in most areas. To get a baseline for a typical amount of product that we use per treatment area, here’s a breakdown:

Tear troughs: 1 syringe

Lips: 1 syringe

Cheeks: 2+ syringes

Jawline 2-4 syringes

Vertical lip lines: 1 syringe

Smile lines: 1 syringe

Nasolabial folds: 1 syringe

Temples: 1-2 syringes

Chin: 1 syringe

Nose: 1 syringe

So what areas can you expect to use a half syringe ONLY?

· A subtle lip enhancement

· A lip enhancement for someone with naturally full lips

· Oral commisures (the little indentations in the corners of the mouth)

· Touch Ups: When a client comes for their follow up and they need just a little extra filler to make the results perfect. These touch ups might be in areas like the tear troughs, chin, or nose

· Horizontal neck bands

· Fine lines under the eye

For more exact answers that are specifically detailed to you, we encourage you to make a consult. The injectors can then provide you with a detailed treatment plan including specific products, costs, and a timeline. Also always check our Monthly Specials for help with multiple syringe treatments!


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