Recently named #1 in Body Shaping Technology by Aesthetic Everything, Vanquish is the most advanced, effective FDA-PROVEN, non-surgical body contouring treatment available for circumferential fat reduction. This non-invasive procedure is proven to kill fat, and targets the abdominal and "muffin top” area. It is not painful and there is no down time. A series of 4-8 treatments is recommended depending on the amount of abdominal fat. Vanquish kills unwanted fat cells using safe radio frequency technology. (A bonus is that the radio frequency also tightens up the skin). Vanquish heats the fat cells in the treatment area without harming the skin or surrounding muscle.


Vanquish is for anyone who wants to reduce the circumference of their abdominal, lower back, and/or love handle areas, and the procedure works without the side effects associated with smartlipo or traditional liposuction. This procedure does not require anesthesia or the associated risk, and since Vanquish is non-invasive there is no risk of infection.



  • FDA proven to kill fat in the treatment area

  • Largest treatment area available in the industry

  • 45-minute sessions

  • Return to work immediately with no downtime

  • Comfort during treatment

  • Lose 2-4 inches off the treatment area (two pant sizes)

  • Four to eight treatments are recommended; additional treatments can be continued for further results

  • Results can be indefinite with a continued healthy lifestyle


Vanquish works by delivering radio frequency energy to the adipose tissue (or body fat that is loose connective tissue). Energy delivery is constantly adjusted in order to maintain even heating of the tissue. Once the fat cells reach therapeutic temperature, which is about 41 degrees Celsius, the fat cells turn to lipids and they are expelled from the body. Fat cells are vulnerable to the effects of selective heating, so controlled local tissue heating can induce selective fat cell reduction - and the loss of subcutaneous fat - without damaging the other tissue layers. When the cells turn to lipids, they leave the body as waste.


Hydration during your body contouring treatments is vital. Our fat tissue does not naturally have water in it, so hydrating that tissue is important because the radio frequency needs the fat cells to be hydrated for proper conductivity. Once the treatment is started the radio frequency will start to look for the hydrated fat cells to target and dissolve. If you do not have enough hydration the treatment will not be as effective.


Vanquish treatments cover larger areas in half the time of similar treatments such as Cool Sculpting technology. The Vanquish machine has paddles that extended to be able to treat an area as large as hip to hip. Vanquish is also less expensive than other body contouring procedures. It requires no restrictions or limitations before or after the procedure, other than hydrating well. You can literally go workout after your treatment. In fact, exercise is recommended as it helps your body metabolize the fat cells that are leaving your body as waste. There are minimal side effects, and these may include redness of the skin and a slight warm sensation at the treatment site.


There is sometimes a small area of localized swelling after the procedure, but it is temporary (lasting less than a week) and can be relieved with light massage. You can expect to see results as early as 21 days after your first treatment. However, you will see your final outcome 30 days after your last session. Patients can lose 2-4 inches (or two pant sizes) off the treatment area. As long as you continue your healthy lifestyle, results can be indefinite. Continued treatments past the recommended 4 to 8 sessions can render even more fat loss.