"Came here to see Gina, she was a referral from my employer. I did Botox for my wrinkles and Juvederm for my lips- was my first time to get both! Gina was so sweet and thorough during my consult and when I came back for the [follow-up] appointment and had a thousand more questions, she was very helpful. I thought about shopping around, but after I compared my consult to other friends' consults -- Gina provided so much more detail, and prep and post treatment plans, that I felt I was in much better hands at Body Tonic."

~ Nic W.

It is almost impossible to put into words how happy I am to be part of the Body Tonic family.  Finding someone whom you can entrust with your fears, insecurities, AND injections is a gift.  I have had injections by both Iris and Gina and they are both rock stars.  My most recent experience is with Gina - I had tear trough and cheek filler injections about one month ago and I cannot say enough about the experience and results.  Gina put me completely at ease at my consultation, and on my injection day worked slowly and methodically to perfectly place my injections.  One month out, my swelling is gone, but replaced by a swelling of my newfound confidence.  I no longer wake up to dark circles.  I no longer need concealer in the tear trough area, and no one can tell anything other than I look rested and awake!

I cannot wait to go back in February to tackle another area, and have complete confidence that Gina will once again work her magic!

I.  LOVE.  BODY.  TONIC.  :)

~Linda S.

"I've been seeing Iris Taylor for over a year and every visit is just as fantastic as the first.  Iris is a true Aesthetic Professional that has an eye for beauty.  She is precise, amiable and down to earth! She has educated me on everything from Lasers to improve my skin tone to Laser hair removal and injections of Botox and Juvederm. 

I originally received botox (between my eyes) and juvederm (lip filler) from her over a year ago.  What I was most impressed by was her attention to detail and her understanding my needs.  In fact, while I could go on and on listing her attributes, I believe one of her strongest is her ability to comprehend her clients, like me, and our desires.  She is in no way presumptious but has always given me her honest opinion on what can and cannot be done.  I recently had my lips redone by Iris at her new location, Body Tonic.  She was superb, again. 

Furthermore, her technique is comfortable and professional.  I am always a bit scared that it's going to hurt or that I'll have a huge unattractive mouth, but it is perfect! She applied this amazing numbing cream and while I did feel it occasionally, it was completely manageable.  I again wanted a sexy, flirtatious look that didn't appear overdone.  My lips look amazing!!! I told her, "I don't need to look younger, only hotter." And I do.  When I look in the mirror I love what I see. 

So if you are looking for someone to help you look younger or more beautiful or whatever your heart desires, go see Iris Taylor at Body Tonic.  Seriously, your inner feminine charms will thank you!"

~ Brooke O.

"Gina Jones is seriously an artist! I love botox and I’m HOOKED on Gina doing this procedure for me. She is smart, funny and totally professional. Wait, more importantly, she is conservative and will NOT over-fill. I highly recommend you giving Gina a try for your botox and fillers. You will actually look forward to it-she is THAT great! She works slowly and looks at your face from every angle to make sure she gets just the right effect from the products. Her techniques get the results you want! I won't go any where else!!!!"

 ~ Lauren C.

"Only one visit in to Body Tonic and I am planning on becoming a regular. They have a great services offering, from facials to laser treatments and injectables, and a talented team that really makes you feel welcome and calms your insecurities about all the things you don't like about your appearance. Kit (sweet, bubbly and engaging) gave me a terrific facial and some great recommendations for products and other treatments that would address all of the things I want to fix (but not in a pushy way, more of an educational way) and left me with some product samples that I could try before committing to a whole bottle (this stuff isn't cheap but is effective!). Next I had a consult with Gina, who listened patiently while I listed all of the ways I feel my face is showing my age and had great ideas about how to solve the problems, showing me before and after photos, and explaining the science behind how the treatments work. She has a geeky smart knowledge about what she does, and that gives me a lot of comfort - we're talking needles y'all! She completed the first step in a multi-phase treatment plan that I am sure will transform my appearance and help me retain some youthfulness as gravity and age try to take it away. I already have future appointments booked. Thank you, Body Tonic!" 

~Karen K

"I did a ton of research before deciding which medspa to go to for Botox. I found a few locations but was weary about going to them because of the mix of negative and positive reviews. Then I stumbled across Body Tonic and after reading all of the great reviews about Iris I immediately made an appointment with her! And yes she is AMAZING!! Great technique and also super cool! I've seen her twice now and have been thrilled with the results. 

Thanks for your amazing work Iris!"

~ Hannah G.

"I cannot say enough about this place and I am especially thrilled about finding Iris.  I have received botox about 6 times now in the last few years, and Iris by far has done the most natural and effective look. The spa itself is set in a beautiful office space overlooking the hills of austin. They were very friendly,professional,and on time.  Iris continues her magic of helping me achieve the look I am after.  I love that she's honest about what we can accomplish and what we can't.  She is consistent with her botox results on me and I absolutely love the results from her. I would not go to anyone else. I am thrilled Body Tonic has opened and they by far have the best injection specialist, Iris."

~ Jen J.

"I've been to many estheticians in my time but the ladies at Body Tonic are the real deal. The location is convenient and aesthetically appealing. Leslie is also a cosmetic tattoo artist and performed a miracle. She rebuilt my sad pathetic ginger eyebrows from scratch. They look fabulous! I highly recommend this place."

~Erin P.

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