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A Year of COVID, An Epic Snowstorm and Tear Trough Filler: Hell Has Obviously Frozen Over!

How is it March already? This time last year we were about to get smacked upside the face with Covid and our world would change drastically. Twelve months later and we are all still wearing masks, a lot has gone down in this world, and to put a cherry on top, Austin got the snowstorm of the century. A friend remarked last week as most of us sat without power or water, Is it weird that it’s starting to feel normal, all these catastrophic events?

I was thinking the same thing! I noticed that people were rolling with the problems more than we would have, say, a year ago. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s patience.

And if all of that weren’t enough to make me feel like hell has frozen over, my husband told me a few weeks ago he wants tear trough filler. I couldn’t believe he was serious! He mentioned that he wished he could do more to help his under eye bags than just eye cream, and I said, Well you can. You can get your tear troughs done.

He asked, What’s that? (Sigh, he KNOWS what that is and I’ve had it done twice a year for 6 years!!) So I answer anyway, It’s filler for under your eye. It camoflauges puffiness and diminishes dark circles. I opened up our Instagram stories and clicked on the “Eyes” story. We rolled through tons of before and afters and he said: Sign me up! So, yeah THAT’S happening! He’s never done so much as a chemical peel so jumping straight into a needle under his eye could be interesting! There WILL be before and afters!

Other Body Tonic news…

Last week, Restylane Defyne got an indication for chin enhancement! We’ve been doing filler for chin for awhile now (the before and after above is chin enhancement), but it’s always exciting when a specific filler gets an “on-label” indication for a specific treatment area. Our nurse Sarah was able to be a part of an advanced training that included chin filler. Injecting filler to the chin is part of an overall balancing of the facial features. With aging comes changes in the facial bones, and the chin can appear to recede. Bone and soft tissue in the chin area dissolve, resulting in reduced structural support in the lower face. The skin’s supportive network of collagen and elastin also breaks down. This leads to the muscles that are pulling your face up weakening and the muscles that pull your face down strengthening.

Dermal filler can replace this structural support and change the contours of your chin. Using dermal fillers can make your chin appear more prominent or increase its definition. Chin enhancement is often done with jawline fillers and sometimes filler to the nose area, as optimal results are all about the overall balance of the facial features.

We have specials this month on chin and lower face enhancement.

Also, please note that Gina is booked until the end of May, so jump on her schedule as soon as possible!


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