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Pre-Event Beauty Timeline

As September approaches the reality of my upcoming October wedding is setting in and I’m getting really excited! (And I don’t get excited about much)!

Two weeks ago I shared about the BBL treatment I had on my arms. My skin is pretty dry and a lot of the sun damage is still dark and visible, so we still have awhile before I’m totally healed. The skin has sloughed off in a few places leaving me a glimpse of the clear, new skin underneath! Non-facial areas take longer to heal but I guess I thought two weeks might be enough time. Three weeks?? Hopefully! I don’t mind the “downtime,” I’m just excited to see the results.

I have a few other treatments I’m planning for my wedding. Although it’s not wedding season right now, the timing of all this could be helpful for anyone looking ahead to holiday events, or the upcoming summer when weddings are more popular.

In early and mid-September I am scheduled for tear troughs, jaw/cheeks, and lips, and I’ll do my Dysport towards the beginning of October. Generally our injectors won’t treat brides within six weeks of their wedding (Dysport/Botox can be a little closer to the event date). You just want to make sure you have PLENTY of time to let any potential bruises heal. There are a few things you can do to help minimize bruising (like using Arnica in topical or pill form, and avoiding alcohol and other blood thinners) but you can never guarantee that there will be NO bruising. Any time a needle pierces soft tissue there is a potential for bruising.

Here’s some elaboration on why I want the particular filler treatments I’ve scheduled, and what they might be able to do for you:

Jaw: I have always had a strong, square jawline but the shape changed as I started to do Botox for TMJ. Botox of course weakens the muscle, so in turn, the muscle gets smaller and your jaw changes from square to more of an oval. I don’t prefer this shape, so adding some filler to the jawline restores the squared shape I prefer. In general, jawline filler creates a defined L shape to the jaw and can minimize the appearance of a double chin.

Tear troughs: I have always had dark circles under my eyes and I think it makes me look tired and blah. I have super thin skin under my eyes (thinner than most) so we use Belotero which is the most delicate filler available. It doesn’t last as long but gives me great results….so I like to have this treatment done about every 9 months or so.

Generally speaking filler under the eyes creates a layer between the darker tissue underneath and the delicate under eye skin, which lessens dark circles and evens out any bags.

Cheeks: I don’t want much done in this area...just some added volume, especially near the orbital rim. That placement can help act as a scaffolding for the tear troughs above. Don’t be afraid of cheek fillers! Injected properly, your results will be beautifully restored volume that lifts any heaviness in the lower face.

Lips: I mean, duh. Does this need explanation? I want me some sexy definition and some plumping!

Closer to the date I’ll definitely enlist Kit to do a dermaplane and Hydrafacial.

So, in planning ahead, make sure you are done with any injectable treatments six weeks before any big event. Botox can be scheduled a little closer but remember it can take 10 days for full results and then you still may want a little tweaking. So no closer than 3 weeks before a big event. Hydrafacial and dermaplane can be done the week of, and they will help you glow! It takes a village!!

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