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Giveaways + Specials + Flattening the Curve

Hello to our fellow quarantine-ers! Per CDC recommendations, we closed Body Tonic until March 30th to help with social distancing and try to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. Yesterday was my first day in “quarantine” and although my daughter and I went to the store, the rest of the day was spent doing chores and working out at home, running the dogs and spending time with my daughter and my boyfriend. Not too shabby!

We are so sad we had to reschedule two weeks’ worth of appointments…we know that often you all have planned far in advance to get your appointment at the exact right time to fit with all your work, life and travel plans.

After we re-open on the 30th, please rest assured that we will be spacing appointments so that we are limiting how many people come in to contact with each other, as well as opening up other parts of our spa for you while you are waiting to see your provider. Our biggest concern is everyone’s health!

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you know we offer Weekly and Monthly Specials to help make our services as affordable for you as possible. Obviously with us closed, we can’t offer our regular specials for March. In place of that, we are going to be doing ONLINE SPECIALS, AND A FEW GIVEAWAYS, TODAY through the 30th. Stay tuned to social media and your emails to see what’s next!

MARCH 18TH-20TH: $150 Gift Cards for $99 – one purchase gives you one entry into a free syringe of any filler. THREE winners will be announced this Friday afternoon via Instagram and Facebook!

Stay at home and stay well!

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