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Putting the Pieces Together: The End of Writer's Block, Turning 43, and Skin Care "Resolutions"

I’ve had something like writer’s block for awhile now. It’s not that I can’t develop blog ideas. It’s just that the fluidity of words that generally plays in my head prior to actually typing something has been completely absent for months.

At first I thought the cause was the utter shock of my daughter leaving home for college in August. Then I thought maybe it was from my attunements during my reiki training (I am certified through master level reiki!!), and attunements can cause a multitude of symptoms as your body undergoes intense energetic changes. But it’s been almost three months since my first attunements and five months since my daughter left home, and still my words have elluded me!

But then miraculously, during an early morning garage workout out on my M2, the words came back to me! It centered around the idea of New Year’s resolutions. I was thinking about how I hadn’t accomplished all the goals I had set out for myself on January 1st. But then I realized none of my goals are anything new. I’ve been working towards a few personal goals for several months now, and just because I didn’t do them all on one particular day doesn’t mean I failed at anything. I think New Year’s resolutions can kind of feel like setting yourself up for failure. What my thought was that brought all my words back was: it’s just about putting all the pieces together. Take the various things that are important for you to accomplish, and just keep putting them together. Each day. For me, it’s living a “reiki life,” continuing my fitness journey by working out almost daily, and having better personal care, particularly skin care. And since this is a beauty blog, let’s talk about that, instead of reiki and working out!

I turned 43 on December 27th and I have really noticed a lot of aging showing up within the last year. And can I just mention I have all of a sudden gone blind?? Sheesh!

As far as skin aging, I have particularly noticed changes in my neck (a lot more lines and crepeyness), under eyes (same changes as my neck), and deeper smile lines. I have a slew of professional skin care products that I use only occasionally and I have every skin care treatment available to me 5 days a week. So what’s the hold up?? No excuses! So here’s what I have at home and here’s what these products can do for you if used daily.

Clarisonic: This is not an exfoliator. It’s just a much better way of cleansing your skin than using your hands. And the cleaner your skin is, the smaller your pores will look (because they won’t be filled with oil), and your skin care products can penetrate more deeply into the skin, making them more effective. If you get the new Clarisonic Uplift, you will also have the added bonus of the massage head. Used daily on the neck, you will see more uplifted and less crepey skin. And it feels sooo relaxing. And p.s. DON'T press down hard with your Clarisonic. It inhibits the brush head from working properly.

Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic: I have used this product for years and I think it’s probably the one product I can’t live without. It gives me an immediate glow. And the best benefit, which is long term, is that it is a strong antioxidant that provides repair of and protection against environmental damage (pollution and sun damage).

Skin Ceuticals HA Intensifier: This not only hydrates the skin but stops your natural hyaluronic acid from deteriorating. What you will notice is your skin looking hydrated and more supple. There is no comparable product available...this is a game changer.

Skin Better Alpha Ret Intensive: This is a tretinoin-type cream, with added glycolic acid, that removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth without the drying effects you usually get with prescription tretinoin. You will notice better skin texture, better clarity (not looking dull) and pores will begin to appear smaller.

Skin Better Face: I use this mainly for my neck. It is a collagen stimulator which helps repair crepey skin. It also has peptides to create an immediate smoothing effect. Skin Better is actually changing the name to Face and Neck!

Skin Ceuticals Physical Eye: This product is silky smooth and tinted, with SPF protection. It protects and also acts as a partial concealer, or a primer before applying your concealer.

Skin Better Invisilift Mask: This is a mask you can use when you want to look your very best and your skin needs a quick boost. Instantly reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections. The results will last about 12 hours.

Put all these pieces together and the result will be dramatically improved skin. You, only better. Happy New Year!!

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