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Leslie is a Microblading "Guru": Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin Winner for Microbla

I got a group text a few days ago from Leslie, to me and Stacey: look who made it into the Chronicle! Our Leslie Sazon won Austin Chronicle’s Critic’s Choice for Best Of Austin for microblading! Here’s the accolade:

Best Way to Raise Eyebrows: Leslie Sazon, Body Tonic Medical Spa

"Science says eyebrows are the most important facial feature, so if you're working with 1995 Drew Barrymore arches, permanent makeup via microblading might just bring those window-to-the-soul treatments up to speed. This guru's superpower is mimicking individual hairs with precision, but she's got an arsenal of other techniques to enhance your natural you."

It has been great seeing Leslie’s schedule fill with microblading appointments over the last few years, and watch her talent become recognized. As some of you may know, my office is what connects Body Tonic’s two sides. Leslie and Kit call our new side “the fun side.” We primarily have permanent makeup, Vanquish body contouring and spray tanning over there. On the fun side, I indeed constantly hear laughter and great conversation between Leslie and her clients as they spend several hours together while she reshapes, defines or creates gorgeous, full brows for client after client, all week long.

Leslie has been an aesthetician for over a decade. She started out in the spa industry and then through continued education and training, she has come to specialize in permanent makeup, laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, sclerotherapy, skincare and assisted diet plans.

Leslie was the one staff member who it took me the longest to get to know. The only thing I can attribute that to is that she works part time so there is just less opportunity to get to talk during any downtime. But over time I have come to know that she is strong, funny, sensitive, humble, and of course, very talented. Leslie is super down to earth and will always tell you the truth if you ask. You can count on her to give a straightforward opinion and I appreciate that. It was probably the first characteristic I noticed in her. From the outside you will notice Leslie is beautiful, with great hair, great clothes (well, when not wearing scrubs) a love of workouts and she has a very good-looking family! She bustles through my office many times a day, muttering to herself in a low voice…it always makes me giggle because I never know if I’m supposed to be hearing her and paying attention or if she’s simply running through her many tasks for the day!

I had a few questions for her that I want to share with everyone, in her own words. She was sweet enough to indulge my curiosity and took time to send me answers on this Sunday evening.

What do you like best about microblading?

The most rewarding part is the reveal. When my clients look into the mirror at their new "brows" and they have that puppy head tilt like they are trying to understand what just happened. Is that hair? Where did it come from and how did it get there? Then they try to move the new "hair" and it finally clicks that it's a tattoo and it's not going anywhere. And then the huge, satisfying grin - and sometimes tears - that comes over them when they realize that they never have to attempt to draw those suckers on again. I love that moment.

What do you like best about the services you offer?

It's definitely forming relationships with my clients. There is a secret woman-to-woman trust circle that happens in my room. Whether it's advising on the maintenance and longevity of skin or surviving marriage and children, my clients and I love to laugh. In the end they walk away with an education as well as a youthful exuberance.

Tell me about your hobbies and your lovely husband and child!

Lately my hobbies are whatever Lucille's hobbies are, which include cutting out shoe boxes to accommodate Koala families, collecting crickets and beetles, and making every version of quesadillas known to man kind. But me, on a good kidless weekend, I love to garden and attempt to cook. Meat. I love meat.

Her ability to connect on a more personal level with her clients is phenomenal, and that coupled with her talent, has earned her many sweet reviews, thank you's, referrals, and compliments. Her clients have said she is “amazing,” the “go-to for all things skin related”, “tha sh*t,” and professed to be a “miracle worker” by more than one person!

We love you Leslie, and congrats on being the BEST in Austin for microblading.

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