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Blog from the Couch: Beauty Recap from a Crip

I am not sure I am even qualified to write a beauty blog right now! I’ve been out of the spa for a week now. I currently sit on my couch, where I’ve mostly been since Tuesday, watching the Big Chill (my favorite movie) and drinking Emergen-C. I had knee surgery Tuesday morning. My daughter brought me by the Open House for about an hour Thursday evening. I couldn’t stand planning something and then not at least showing up!

Because of my role at Body Tonic as mostly behind the scenes, I know many clients don’t know me. I know most of you, from being at the front desk sometimes, filing charts, answering phones, going through before and after pictures…but I am always surprised if anyone knows me! But on Thursday evening one of our clients (who I of course know) saw my bandaged leg and my crutches and said: What happened?! I told her I had surgery and she said: Well, I didn’t hear about that in your blog! It made me really laugh. I said, Well I had to re-run that damn video blog for two weeks so I didn’t have time to talk about myself! It was very sweet. I’m always shocked to know people read the blog!

As an aside I just had to increase the view of this page to 150% just to see what I’m typing.

Thank you for making our Fall Open House so successful! Each year they are just exponentially more fun! It feels like a little family, or a community we have at Body Tonic. Lately I’ve been feeling grateful for a lot in my life: new friends, old friends, the opportunity to work hard, and grateful for my work life. A client recently commented that she could feel that when she’s at the spa. Like how there’s just a certain energy in a place and you can feel it. And that when she’s at Body Tonic she knows everyone there is happy to be there and it transfers to the clients. I love that we can provide that and be a part of everyone’s experiences. Like when a client comes out and has just had her lips done and is super excited. We’ve all been there and we get to share in that little joy. It’s lovely.

So, I suppose I don’t have much on the beauty agenda this week. A good recap, and things you should consider doing/getting:

  • I got 3.5 syringes of Lyft put into my cheeks recently to get my OG curve back! We have a video blog on that.

  • And our staff is still crazy excited about the Skin Better skincare line. Definitely try at least one of those products.

  • We’ve had people flying in from all over the country to see our Iris.

  • Microblading is out of control popular for Leslie.

  • The relaxing reflexology massage was a hit and we will be re-running that shortly!

  • Our seasonal facials have been really popular and are actually very effective. We’ll try to keep those cutesy named facials rolling through the holiday season.

I am always open to ideas for weekly and monthly specials. Don’t hesitate to send ideas or mention them when you’re at the spa. See you soon and hopefully I won’t be on crutches!

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