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Rules Are Made to Be Broken...Until It's Time to Try a New Product

My summer started off with a literal bang, as my daughter was in a car wreck in June. Not to be outdone by the start of summer, my daughter book-ended it with an appendicitis scare and a day at Seton at the end of August. I mean! She really goes all out! Last summer was mono.

I think cumulative stress has festered and one of the ways it has manifested is in personal laziness: Not working out, eating like I’m trying to put on weight for a Wisconsin winter, drinking wine like a rockstar and falling asleep without taking off my makeup. Gross right? I kept telling myself: oh my God woman, get a grip and start acting like a normal person! But that didn’t take. What made a change for me, at least in the taking the makeup off part, was that I had a new product to try!

About a month ago, Maricela got a call from our old Obagi rep, who I had never met. It was before my time, so, over two years ago. He scheduled a meeting with our staff for a super secret surprise new skin care line! All the girls were excited and kept saying how nice he was as well.

OF COURSE, the day of the meeting was the day I took my daughter to urgent care at 4:30 a.m. with a 102 fever, lower right abdominal pain, and found out her white count was through the roof. To the hospital we went. Soooo…I missed the meeting about the super secret special new skin care line: Skin Better.

When I got back to work a few days later, everyone seemed VERY on board with this new skin care line. They just kept talking about one product in particular: AlphaRet. AlphaRet, AlphaRet, AlphaRet!! I looked at the product sample that was left for me and it wasn’t AlphaRet. Oh well. I didn’t try the sample I was given…there’s that personal laziness again. But the rep that everyone loves (Tim) came by to check in, and gave me some AlphaRet to try! Well, you gotta wash off your makeup at night to put on your night time magical cream, right? So that’s what finally did it.

The girls kept telling me how their skin looked different after using it for only just a few days, how it helped Gina’s self-proclaimed crepey skin on her forehead, how Gina’s boyfriend told her her skin looked amazing, and Kit, who doesn’t use tretinoin because she’s always doing something like dermaplaning her skin, was excited to be able to use a tretinoin product that wouldn’t thin and dry her skin the way traditional tretinoin does. So what makes this AlphaRet so special? Since I missed the meeting, I had to ask our rep when he came by. Here are the high points:

  • AlphaRet is a patented technology that blends alpha hydroxy acids, a retinoid and hydration

  • This proprietary blend gives visible results without the excessive drying that can happen with other tretinoin creams

  • Significant visible result in diminished depth and size of wrinkles

  • Retexturizes skin and stimulates collagen regrowth

  • Includes a blend of antioxidants to help provide protection against the degradation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

  • Also available in an intensive version

The Skin Better skincare line also has three other products currently available:

Lines: A hyaluronic acid treatment with patented technology called InterFuse that drives injectable-grade hyaluronic acid faster and deeper to re-volumize the appearance of skin.

Eyes: Intensive eye treatment to invigorate collagen, relax appearance of crow's feet, vitamin C for skin brightening, and caffeine to reduce under eye puffiness.

Face: Daily treatment cream to nourish collagen, protect against sagging skin, provides immediate soothing effect, and it's full of antioxidants to protect against the breakdown of collagen.

The Skin Better beautiful bottles will be on our shelves this week!

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