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Back to School, New Beginnings, and, Wait For It...a New Treatment!

Back to school is new beginnings. Picture it: Sunday, my house, t-minus one day until my girl is a senior. The patio door open and Punching in a Dream playing in the background. It was more than a typical Sunday of grocery shopping and laundry. It was also all the things that go with being on the cusp of something new: it was organizing the minutia, it was lunch ideas from Pinterest, it was a new quilt, it was looking forward to Friday night lights, senior girl car decorations and outfits, and new school supplies.

Back to school is practically like New Year’s Day. It’s just hopeful and full of promise and you have no idea what’s to come. It’s just new.

We have new things coming to Body Tonic too, which is par for the course for the Fall season. Injectable treatments for thinning hair may be in our future, possibly a new skin care line that everyone is excited about, Sculptra for butt enhancement and reshaping, but first on deck: Sculptra for the décolletage: in short, treating the boob crease!

Most of my life I had no idea what a boob crease was. That was because God gave me an A cup and girls with A cups don't get chest creases. Everyone in my family on both sides had giant breasts…the kind they complained about: the my-back-hurts-my-bra-strap-digs-into-my-shoulders kind of giant boobs. Whatever. Not me. I had to pay Dr. Wilder over at APSI a lot of money to give me some!! So, at 37, I finally had a breast augmentation. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty much the most awesome thing I did.

But, with larger breasts come a different set of issues. The issue of the day for this blog is boob creases, or creases on the chest caused mainly from breasts being pushed together during sleep, or just from wearing a bra, especially a push-up bra.

I remember the first time I saw those chest wrinkles. I looked in the mirror and traced a line that went from my collar bone to my sternum and I thought, Gosh I must really be dehydrated. Mental note: drink more water. I’ve also thought, Wow! My skin is dry! I need to moisturize more. Or, I must have slept really hard in one position to make a crease like that.

Nope. Those creases aren’t going away with water or lotion. They are boob creases and they’re here to stay.

Or are they? While water and lotion won’t diminish your creases, Sculptra can. And although your results will take a few months to show, they will last for at least two years.

The treatment is fairly quick and generally you will use just one vial of Sculptra. Your injector will map out the area on your chest to be injected with a white pencil. There will be about six points where Sculptra will be injected. Sculptra is a very unique product in that it isn’t really a filler but achieves the same results as a filler AND it lasts at least two years. Sculptra actually stimulates your own collagen to regrow. So when it is injected into your décolletage area it makes the collagen begin to regrow and fills out all your boob crease lines within a time span of about 3 months. It’s not permanent but results for two years is pretty much the best you can ask for! Iris did the treatment on Kit so expect her before and afters in a few months! For even more impressive results, have a photofacial on the decolletage to remove visible sun damage, then have your Sculptra treatment.

Here's an idea of what you can expect about three months post-treatment:

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