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Holiday Madness: Food Confessions and A LOT of Help with Vanquish Body Contouring

A year ago today I turned 40. Turning 41 is WAY better - no anticipation or anxiety! The weather is the same though…cold and rainy. And seriously, where was this cold front before Christmas?!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Lots of dinner gatherings, a few parties, my birthday and New Year’s Eve. And the food! I feel like I’ve spent the last week eating my way though the days. Do you all ever have food confessions? You know, just that compulsive need to tell one of your friends exactly HOW much you ate over the weekend? It happens at our work all the time. It goes something like this:

Girl #1: Sooooo…I’m pretty sure I ate an entire pecan pie this weekend. At first I just picked off a few pieces. Then I had a slice. Then another slice. By Sunday I realized I’d eaten the whole thing! The WHOLE PIE!

Girl #2: Oh yeah, well I drank about three bottles of wine and ate a block of cheese. And at least you didn’t eat a bag of Chex Mix…at midnight!

This holiday season I’ve tried to stay on top of my workouts to help counterbalance the apple pie I made last week, the beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes my brother made for our family Christmas dinner, the cheese olive balls I made Christmas Eve (that’s olives with a cheese, flour and butter crust baked around them), the chocolate from the stockings, the requisite cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, not to mention the fried jalepenos and Guinness I eat EVERY Sunday at Black Sheep while watching football with my man. The list goes on and on. Did anyone else do that this Christmas?!?

I’ve been doing cardio, hot yoga and kettle bell workouts everyday just to try to help. But now I’m sick! I want to go to yoga but I think being upside with a head cold may not be the best combination! How am I gonna get rid of all this apple pie on my love handles?!? Well, in honor of the end of the holiday season, we’ve decided to put together something pretty amazing to help with such dilemmas of weight loss and weight maintenance. We are offering unlimited Vanquish sessions at $6,000 for one full year! (In case you haven’t heard of it, Vanquish is the newest, most effective body contouring treatment that is FDA proven to kill fat cells, and it is non-invasive and requires no downtime).

Now, I realize that I am our marketing director and it’s my job to promote our services and tell everyone how amazing they are…but seriously people, this is a freakin’ amazing package! Generally, industry standard Vanquish treatments are offered in packages of 4-6 sessions. A 2-inch reduction in waist circumference is expected with 4-6 sessions, as long as you maintain your regular lifestyle (eating and exercise habits). But continuing with more treatments means you continue with fat loss results. Every 4-6 sessions should bring another reduction in treatment-area circumference (provided there is actually fat in your target area!).

If you don’t know about Vanquish Body Contouring, here’s a quick overview:

FDA proven to kill fat in the treatment area

Largest treatment area available in the industry

45-minute sessions

Return to work immediately with no downtime

Comfort during treatment

Lose 2-4 inches off the treatment area (two pant sizes)

Results can be indefinite with a continued healthy lifestyle

How does Vanquish Body Contouring work?

Vanquish works by delivering radio frequency energy to the targeted area. Energy delivery is constantly adjusted in order to maintain even heating of the tissue. Once the fat cells reach therapeutic temperature, which is about 41 degrees Celsius, the fat cells die and are expelled from the body as waste. Fat cells are vulnerable to the effects of selective heating, so controlled local tissue heating can induce selective fat cell reduction - and the loss of subcutaneous fat - without damaging the other tissue layers.

If you’d like to learn a little more about it, head over to our Vanquish page on the website, or call us to schedule a complimentary Vanquish consult.

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