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Always Something to Be Thankful For: Out and About Sharing Beauty with Fellow Scout Guide Advertiser

I had a pretty great work day on Friday. I took our marketing goody bags to all the advertisers in the Scout Guide (OK well one place I couldn’t find and one person I never heard back from so I didn’t know where to find him!) Also, I nearly died about five times, driving around town in my little Fiat, looking for addresses and trying to not get hit by all the road-rage-filled Austin drivers. But my near death experiences aside, it was really nice to meet some new people, see their business, and share ours with them.

I’ve gone out into the community before, sort of a cold call, just to introduce Body Tonic to other relevant, non-competitive businesses. But there’s something about a cold call that puts people on the defensive. They immediately tense up and get ready for you to sell them something. Instead, I had just been bringing a gift. But in the past, I’ve even had a few sales girls at boutiques around Westlake not even look up from what they were doing to take a gift bag! Ha!

But with the Scout Guide advertisers, they knew I was coming and we had a commonality. Made for a much more productive outing! So I thought I’d spread a little love and share just a few tidbits of the day with a few of the businesses.

The first place I went was Wendow Fine Living. First of all, I was like, Can I just move in here? The showrrom was lots of white and silvers and metals and some antlers…it was exactly what I would want if I had all the money I wanted to play with! The ladies were excited to see me and appreciative of product samples and gift cards. There was even one of our clients shopping in there when I arrived! We all chatted about laser hair removal and Botox. One of the women admitted she had never had Botox, but she thought she was ready. There were some varying opinions on when one should return for laser hair removal appointments and how often one needs Botox.

Here’s the lowdown for laser hair removal:

  • Must be done in at least 6 sessions

  • The first four sessions are 4 weeks apart

  • The last two sessions are 6-8 weeks apart

  • Avoid sun exposure during your treatments

Also, because of hormone fluctuations, you will never be 100 percent hair free! But you will be close! And you can always come for touch-ups.

As for Botox: generally the effects of Botox last about three months. But how often you should return really depends on what your beauty goals are with your treatment. If you like to be nearly frozen, or if you’re just starting out with Botox and have deep static lines, you will probably come once every three months. Otherwise, you may be comfortable waiting just a bit longer, more like four months before coming back in for a treatment.

I also visited Valentine’s Too, out in Davenport Village, which is completely gorgeous! Their jewelry and clothes and shoes made me wish for an unlimited shopping spree! The woman I talked to was so sweet. She asked what most people ask us, Do you all do Botox? Heck yes! We do alll kinds of Botox, to make you look youthful and relaxed, and natural, not like a Real Housewife! I’m guessing most people reading this blog have had Botox, but if not, here’s a quick rundown of what it can do:

  • decrease frown lines between eyebrows

  • reduce forehead lines

  • minimize crow's feet

  • eyebrow shaping

  • minimize smile lines

  • reduce "gummy" smiles

  • alter mouth shape to reduce "sad smile"

  • minimize bunny lines

  • reduce dimpled chin

  • minimize neck bands

  • diminish oil production and improve skin texture

  • hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating

  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders to minimize excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding

Two last quick shout-outs to local businesses I visited: Russell Fine Art Collection: the woman witnessed one of my near death experiences, trying to dodge lunch hour traffic while also trying to turn left from the middle lane because no one would let me over! I walked in and said, Driving out there at lunch hour is like driving in Mexico! She said: Was that you in the Fiat?! Ha. Yes. They have some gorgeous pieces in that gallery, and they do framing as well.

One of the last places I went was Bay Hill Design, in Westlake. They have a lot of beautiful home furnishings, but the thing that caught my eye? They currently have velvet pumpkins in all shapes and colors, with real stems. Just sayin’! Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. There’s always something to be thankful for! I’m thankful for meeting new people on Friday and for sharing with them the talent that is Body Tonic!

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