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Laser Hair Removal and the Smoking French Girl

Holy bejesus! WOW! Just got my underarms lasered for the first time ever. It was a breathtaking experience for sure! My plan was to have Kit laser my legs this afternoon…calves and thighs. But we got a little sidetracked..probably when she saw that I need to shave my pits. I love her little giggle when she’s giving someone (me) a hard time. Seriously! I shave my armpits probably every third day… so whatever was there in my underarms was only a few days growth… which translates into me looking like a French girl with an unkempt hairdo and a cigarette!

You know…I do have an affinity for pictures of women smoking. Hmmmm…

Anyway, back to the legs. I have really coarse hair on my legs. I have to shave every day. I have since I was probably 13. I can shave in the evening and by the morning I can already feel it regrowing. When I get chills sometimes the hairs on my legs actually hurt. Razor burn can be exponential if I, for instance, skip a day of shaving. Ingrown hairs are a problem.

I’ve worked at Body Tonic for a year now. And yes, we are lucky enough to be able to do all the treatments we offer. And I had previously started a laser hair removal series for my legs many months ago. I actually did two treatments.

However, as staff, we often disregard the advice and rules we give to clients. The result? Ohhhh…swollen lips from drinking the night of lip injections, or bruising at Botox because we had taken Advil the whole week before! Or in this case, me not keeping up with my laser hair removal at proper intervals! Beauty is hard! Days get busy, staff gets busy, I wanna workout in the evening…so the laser appointments kept getting pushed back. The result? Full hair on my legs again. I just let it go. After all, it wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to.

After that first session, there was noticeably less hair and I was shaving less frequently. I could tell the hair follicle was smaller as well.

I don’t like the word follicle.

After the second session, I was probably shaving only once a week. The hair was sparse but not entirely gone, and would grow in certain places and not others. I called it feral. My legs looked feral.

My third session I just kept putting off, and finally all my hair was back. SO. Annoying. So today I thought, to hell with my hot yoga tonight, I wanna get rid of this hair. Kit had time so she fired up the laser. The yoga practice suffers when Kitty has time to laser!

I got out of my newly re-soled wedges and my painted on white Lucky Brand capris (not enough hot yoga clearly) and we both put on our sexy, red-lensed safety glasses. “Ready?” Yep.

Wondering if it hurts? Yeah. But not that bad. There’s a blast of cool cryo first. So you feel cold, then a sting. It really isn’t that bad except around the ankles and knees. As she was finishing with the first leg, she got that glimpse of my French pits and said, “Why haven’t we done your armpits?” My only answer was that I don’t care that much and I’ve heard it hurts. “You’ll be fine,” she said, and got the razor out to shave me first.

WOW! I’ll say it again. The lasering of the armpit was definitely short, but not gonna lie, it’s sensitive. But she assured me I am going to be obsessed with the amazing results. SO…I can put up with 30 seconds of pain for hairless armpit obsession. (Numbing cream can be an option if you’d rather not power through)!

SO now I’m at my desk and my legs are somewhat spotted with red. It fades over the course of the evening. My armpits are a little sore but mainly from the shaving with no water or shaving cream…not really from the laser. I’m looking forward to doing things right this time and keeping up with the sessions!

Here are the recommendations for laser hair removal:

Must be done in at least 6 sessions

The first four sessions are 4 weeks apart

The last two sessions are 6-8 weeks apart

Avoid sun exposure during your treatments

For more in-depth details, visit our Laser Hair Removal page!

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