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Get To Know Me: Iris!

Current book I’m reading or want to read: current - ANY WAY YOU CAN

Current or favorite podcast: current - FASTING FOR LIFE, PLANT AHEAD, BIGGER POCKETS, LET LOVE

Most random job I’ve ever had: MODELING / RUNWAY INSTRUCTOR

If I weren’t in aesthetics, I’d probably be: I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else! And It would have to be just as fulfilling. I love science, research and education. So my best guess would be a MEDICAL SCIENCE LIASON.

Favorite IG influencer: DR SUBBIO

Hobby/enjoyment: Reading (especially outside on a beautiful day), researching, cooking for others, gift giving, friends and family, meditating, endurance training

Greatest fear: Being smooshed by a train

Oddity: I do not like anything between my toes

If I could live anywhere, it would be: You know those jaw dropping photo destinations that pop up on computer monitors before you sign in? Usually it’s lush with greenery, secluded and maybe there is a long narrow trail or old nostalgic long wooden bridge hanging from hilltop to hilltop. That’s where I’d live.

Favorite movie: ROYAL TENEMBAUMS


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