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What is your ALMI?

Step into the realm of longevity and muscle health with the Appendicular Lean Mass Index (ALMI) and the precision of DEXA Scans. ALMI stands as a crucial indicator of overall health, strongly linked to longevity. DEXA scans provide detailed ALMI assessments, bolstered by Body Tonic’s insights for monitoring progress.

Dr. Peter Attia, renowned in longevity research and author of "Outlive," issues a clear call to action: Maintain an ALMI above the 75th percentile for a longer, healthier life.

ALMI, the Key Tool for Muscle Health:

Understanding our muscle health and longevity begins with grasping the Appendicular Lean Mass Index (ALMI). Derived from DEXA scans, ALMI measures lean muscle mass in our arms and legs, offering precise insight into muscular health by dividing lean tissue mass in these limbs by our height squared.

ALMI's Significance:

ALMI surpasses other health indices like BMI (Body Fat Index) and FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) in detail. While BMI relates weight to height and FFMI incorporates total lean mass, ALMI goes a step further, focusing solely on limb lean mass.

Importance of Limb Lean Mass:

Why limb lean mass? Limbs play a pivotal role in independence and functionality, especially as we age. Higher limb lean mass correlates with improved strength, balance, and mobility, key factors for quality of life in older individuals.

ALMI in Health and Longevity:

High ALMI values correlate with better overall health, reduced chronic disease risk, and increased longevity. Maintaining an ALMI above the 75th percentile becomes crucial as we age to ensure a better quality of life.

Body Tonic’s Innovation:

Body Tonic enhances muscle health and longevity assessment with provider assessment and health planning integration, offering detailed PDF reports for accessibility. The Body Score, combining ALMI with other metrics, sets Body Tonic apart from other Dexa service providers. Along with our comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs. Not only do you need to lose the right kind of weight, but keep it off and either maintain or GAIN lean muscle mass.

Sarcopenia, which is marked by the progressive reduction in skeletal muscle mass and strength, typically impacts the muscles in our limbs before affecting the core. Consequently, early changes in the lean muscle mass of our arms and legs can serve as valuable indicators of potential health and longevity risks, such as frailty and diminished physical capacity. In essence, ALMI's focus on the lean muscle mass in our extremities offers a more comprehensive understanding of our muscle health and prospects for a longer life compared to FFMI. By assessing the lean mass in our arms and legs, we can take a more proactive approach to identify, prevent, and address age-related muscle loss, ultimately improving our chances of a healthier and longer life.

Optimizing Your ALMI:

  • Schedule a DEXA scan at Body Tonic for baseline assessment.

  • Tailor your workout routine for limb muscle maintenance.

  • Optimize your diet for muscle support.

  • Monitor progress through Body Tonic DEXA scans.

  • Maintain consistency in exercise, diet, and overall well-being.

  • Receive a thorough consultation on how our wellness programs could help you achieve optimal health along with short-term and long-term goals.

Empower yourself with Body Tonic’s DEXA scans and the ALMI to steer toward a healthier, longer life. Commit to exercise, nutrition, and monitoring to maintain an ALMI above the 75th percentile, securing a higher quality of life as you age. Unlock your vitality and well-being potential today.


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