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The Long Game: Everything Matters

The long game. This phrase has been stuck in my head lately. I have an event at the end of April that I want to look and feel my best for, and as I thought of how to make that happen, “the long game” came into my head. Most recently I saw that phrase while rewatching The Queen’s Gambit, as her course switches from the natural ease of short term wins to long terms goals of being the absolute best.

It seems so hard lately- at least for me - to keep those long term goals in mind when everything around us is instant gratification. Bad day? Have some wine. Need an answer to a question? Google has it all. Want to lose weight? Here is this diet. Want to be beautiful? Here is this product.

As I’m getting older, 47, and my body hurts more after workouts (or just in general), and losing weight is harder and making gains is harder, I feel forced to think of the long game for everything.

In line with that, I recently listened to a podcast called Wild Boys. In the last episode you learn that one of the men featured begins to live his life with the question, "Does this bring me closer to, or further away from, death?"

While this question is a bit extreme, I’ve found it bouncing around in my brain more often lately. Does this steak bring me closer to, or further away from death? Does this drink/cigarette/late night/stressful situation bring me closer to, or further away from my end goal?

While our mortality doesn't always stare us in the face, I've definitely felt mine more lately. I'm not sure if there's any specific reason for this, or just a multitude of aging-related realizations, but this question of "Does this action bring me closer to, or further away from, my end game?" helps me become a little more aware, in all areas. I think everyone cares about aging and its different symptoms. Maybe not everyone will address their physical aging with Botox or lasers or cosmetic surgery, but on some level I think we all just want to be the best version of ourselves.

The long game. This is why we always stress that maintenance treatments and being methodical in your anti-aging regimens is the way to see results... we are in this for long haul. Is a week of salad going to do much for you? Five days of exercise? It's not just a few things that make the difference. It's allll the things. Everything matters. Everything. Each day, each workout, each meal, each time you put on your retinol, each glass of water, each time you do a Skin Pen or Halo. Filler can provide you with instant gratification but it's still something that needs to be repeated, over time. Being our best isn't born out of doing just one thing, it's all the things. It's everything together, over time, that makes a difference.

Fear not! We've got this! This is your PSA and friendly reminder to keep on, keepin' on....everything positive you're doing for yourself matters!


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