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How Toxins are Accelerating Aging and Deterioration!

In 2022, an estimated 350,000 chemicals were in use globally, many of which infiltrate our water supply. Alarmingly, the CDC notes that fewer than 100 of these chemicals are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. This represents a fifty-fold increase in chemical usage since 1950, and it has profound implications for our health.

Toxins place significant stress on our nervous system, elevate cortisol levels, disrupt hormonal balance, and can directly damage or kill cells. They also pose risks to unborn children, interfering with the development of their nervous and immune systems. The cellular damage caused by these toxins necessitates increased division of stem cells to replace damaged ones, which gradually shortens the telomeres of these stem cells with each division.

To put this into perspective, consider the difference in toxin exposure between a child born in 1950 and one born today. A child in 1950 faced exposure to significantly fewer toxins, and their mother, having been exposed to even fewer toxins, had less to pass on before birth. This lower toxic load meant less cellular damage.

Today, however, we face a vastly different scenario. The sheer volume of chemicals and their increased toxicity levels have a pronounced effect on our health. While some effects are immediately apparent, many are insidious, accumulating over time.

When we are young, our bodies are equipped with numerous stem cells, each with long telomeres. These cells can readily replace damaged cells, but the current level of toxin exposure accelerates this process significantly. The result is a much faster rate of telomere shortening—a 50-fold increase, no less.

In our youth, the abundance of active stem cells can mask the damage. However, as we age, often beginning in our thirties or even twenties, we start to notice the effects. The prevalence of autoimmune conditions among young adults today is a testament to this.

In the 1950s and earlier, people in their sixties and seventies often exhibited greater strength, energy, and overall health compared to individuals of the same age today. Despite advances in various areas of healthcare, our ability to lead long, healthy, and robust lives is declining. Toxins and their impact on cellular health are major contributors to this trend.

To mitigate these effects, we must minimize toxin intake and enhance our ability to detoxify. A full supplemental detox may even be necessary to have your system start to function normally again. Consuming high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients from plants and fruits can help protect our cells. Avoiding processed foods high in omega-6 fatty acids, processed sugars, and other toxins is equally important. These measures can slow the aging process and help preserve telomere length.

Steps to Lower Toxins Entering Our Bodies

  1. Avoid Processed Foods: Many processed foods contain ingredients contaminated with herbicides. Some even require heating in the microwave with plastic wrapping, which can leach harmful chemicals into the food.

  2. Choose Safe Water Bottles: Avoid drinking from cheap plastic water bottles. Opt for BPA-free plastic water bottles instead.

  3. Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: This type of filter is highly effective at removing chemicals from water, outperforming most city filtration systems.

  4. Eat Organic and Grass-Fed Foods: Whenever possible, choose organic foods and 100% grass-fed meats. If organic options are unavailable, avoid the Dirty Dozen (fruits and vegetables with high pesticide levels) and prioritize the Clean 15 (those with minimal chemicals).

  5. Use EWG-Approved Personal Care Products: Select personal care products free from harmful toxins. Look for organic or Environmental Working Group (EWG)-approved products and be vigilant about checking ingredient lists.

  6. Educate Yourself: While it may seem overwhelming initially, learning about chemical-free living can reveal numerous affordable options.

  7. Do a Body Tonic Detox: Consider a supplement based detox like ours, which contain powerful natural detoxifiers and antioxidants to remove toxins from the body and protect cells from damage.

In today's world, combining prevention with detoxification is essential. While reducing exposure to toxins is crucial, eliminating those that inevitably enter our bodies is equally important for maintaining health and longevity.

Stacey Francois | Owner

Body Tonic Medical Spa


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