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Get To Know Her: Just Some Fun Facts About Stacey!

You've probably not gotten to know our owner and boss, Stacey, that well, except maybe through our holiday posts or vacation pics. I can tell you without a doubt this woman has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Not only is she beautiful and sweet but she's wicked smart, has a business degree (duh, she's built the BEST med spa in Austin!), she knows allll the things about health and fitness and she's just about to launch her amazing daughter off to college. I'm SO thrilled to be a part of this business/family she's built.

Here are Stacey's answers to our fun Q&A!

CURRENT BOOK I’m reading: Just finished Own the Day by Aubrey Marcus and blazing through Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

CURRENT OR FAVE PODCAST: My go-to’s are Holistic Health Masterclass, School of Greatness, Be Well, and Doctor’s Farmacy

MOST RANDOM JOB I’ve ever had: I owned and taught a Kangoo-Jumps fitness boot camp!

IF I WEREN'T IN AESTHETICS, I’d probably be: in Health and Wellness


HOBBY/ENJOYMENT: I love working out with my daughter, hiking with my husband, cooking and preparing healthy meals for friends and family, and diving into the never-ending educational journey of health, nutrition, and anti-aging.

GREATEST FEAR: although inevitable... losing a loved one. I’ve been super lucky in my life and don’t take a single day for granted.

ODDITY: I have wicked gleeking skills

IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE, it would be: in the mountains next to a river or stream

FAVE MOVIE: Mr. & Mrs. Smith on repeat


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