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As several of you know by now, we are settling in to our new home over here in the heart of Westlake. Change is a fundamental and inevitable aspect of the human experience, yet despite the universality of it, it remains one of the most challenging and complex aspects of human life. This new phase for our company’s growth has without a doubt come with some challenges, but is nevertheless a very exciting and positive time for all of us. We want to thank each and every one if you for your loyal business and entrusting us with your personal journeys in all things beauty, skin, health, anti-aging and self-love. We wouldn’t be here without you.

At its core, change is about growth and transformation. It is about moving from one state of being to another, and it is through this process that we are able to evolve and develop as a business and better serve our incredible clients. We plan to expand our menu, offer new anti-aging treatments, and continue to introduce cutting-edge services and specialties by Austin’s elite industry professionals and providers. We have been so honored these last 12 years to grow and transform alongside many of you. We feel an incredible connection with our clients and are so proud to call you friends and family. We can’t wait to share with you all of the exciting, new therapies and procedures coming to Body Tonic. Be on the lookout for these announcements coming soon!

We have to remember to embrace change. Along with our big move, many of us here have undergone some hard changes. Life always seems to throw as many road blocks and hurdles as it can all at once. I’d like to thank my staff for pushing through some of life’s most difficult challenges during this transition for us. This week marks a year anniversary for one of the hardest moments in my life. I am so very lucky to have the people around me, my work, and Body Tonic.

If you are coping with change or a difficult situation, there are several strategies that can help make the process easier.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Focus on the positives: While change can be difficult, it can also bring new opportunities and experiences. Try to focus on the positives that may come from the change, such as personal growth or new relationships.

  2. Take care of yourself: Change can be stressful, so it's important to take care of yourself. This can include getting enough sleep, eating well, and engaging in activities that you enjoy. Taking care of your physical and emotional health can help you feel more resilient and better able to cope with the challenges of change.

  3. Stay connected: Change can be isolating, so it's important to stay connected to others. Reach out to friends and family for support, or consider joining a support group or community organization. Feeling connected to others can help you feel less alone and better able to cope with change.

  4. Acknowledge and accept the change: The first step in coping with change is to acknowledge and accept that it is happening. It's okay to feel a range of emotions, including fear, anxiety, and sadness. Give yourself time to process your feelings and come to terms with the change.

  5. Seek help if needed: If you are struggling to cope with change, don't hesitate to seek help from a mental health professional. They can provide you with tools and strategies to manage your emotions and cope with the challenges of change.

Change can often be a process that takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself and give yourself permission to feel your emotions. With time and effort, you will adapt to change and thrive in your new situation.

Remember, we love each and every one of you. We are here for you, in all things physical and mental health - not just your pretty faces!


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