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Aging Backwards + Props for Iris

As I mentioned in my last blog, Iris injected my jaw with Radiesse and my cheeks with Voluma several weeks ago to restore lost volume caused by having Botox injected into my masseters a few times a year (to help treat TMJ symptoms). I’m sure some of that volume loss/change in facial shape over the last 7 years is also due in part to normal bone loss.

After Iris and I saw the difference the Radiesse and Voluma injections made in the shape of my face, I went back and looked at my pictures from when I first started at Body Tonic and OH MY GOSH!! Gonna have to put my ego aside to share this old pic, but I want to stress how EFFECTIVE professional skincare products, laser and light treatments, and injections are. Here's me in June 2014:

I knew the change was dramatic (especially those brows!!) but holy cow! Everything from my skin quality to skin clarity to volume EVERYWHERE is sooooo much better 7 years later.

We had a client say the same thing about herself a few days ago. She said: “I saw a picture of myself from four years ago and I thought, I’m aging backwards!!” Amen for the talented ladies here. I know they have made me feel beautiful when I was feeling blah, and I know so many others feel the same way.

I showed the pictures to one of my friends and his reaction was: "Whoa! That’s wild! What did she inject you with and how long does it last?"

It made me smile because I know the change is dramatic, but it does take time to make big changes. In answer to his question about the most recent treatment, it was 2 syringes of Radiesse to the jaw and two syringes of Voluma to my cheeks (they were so flat I stopped putting on blush because there was nowhere for it to go)! Radiesse and Voluma both last about a year or more depending on the treatment area and your own metabolism.

One thing that really strikes me is how prevalent my sun damage is in that old pic. One nano laser, one Halo laser, and two BBLs helped clear that up, as well as many skincare products. I know lasers and photofacials might not be as fun as the instant gratification of fillers, but your skin will thank you in the future. Did you know Forever Young BBL has been proven to alter the genetic expression of skin aging, aka it is proven to make your skin look younger even as you get older. Read our blog that details the study.

Just in case Iris doesn't share my "review" I sent her, I'll leave it here, because she deserves all the props!

Thank you Iris for always going above and beyond in everything you do, being as sweet as can be (even when you're probably not feelin' it), and for making me smile when I see my reflection again!! I heart you so hard - and your talent!"


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