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Chin Up! Kybella for Dissolving "Double Chin"

A few of the staff were joking about their "double chins" the other day, and I realized we haven't really focused on Kybella recently. Kybella was approved in the US in 2015 and over the last 7 years, injection techniques have advanced and prices have become slightly more affordable, making this a great alternative to liposuction. Kybella injections are FDA approved to permanently dissolve submental fat, or what most of us call double chin. Kybella is made up of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is an enzyme that occurs naturally in the human body. Did I mention results are permanent?!

Kybella isn’t like other injectable treatments where you get instant gratification. like fillers or Botox. With fillers, you leave the office with a great result, feeling refreshed: pouty lips, newly curved cheeks, or rested eyes. With Botox, you see your results of smoothed lines within about a week. With Kybella, you generally don’t start to see results until about a month after your second treatment, which would be about TEN weeks after your first treatment. That’s a lot of waiting! But good things come to those who wait!

Each Kybella treatment session requires multiple, tiny injections under the chin, and patients typically need three sessions, about 6 weeks apart, to get the results they want. Final outcomes depend on your unique anatomy, how much excess fat you want to treat, and whether your skin has good elasticity. A consultation is definitely required to make sure you are a candidate for Kybella. Factors to consider are the amount of skin laxity and the amount of fat in the treatment area. Too much of either could mean you wouldn’t get an optimal outcome.

Pros and cons of Kybella?


Kybella injections are a non-surgical, permanent solution for fat reduction

It’s quick! Total injection time is about 10-20 minutes

There is some skin tightening effect with Kybella in the submental area


You will need multiple treatments, spaced about 6 weeks apart, to see significant results.

Kybella injections are only for small areas of fat.

There is post-injection swelling associated with these injections that can last for several days to a week. It’s best to do your treatments in the winter months when it’s easier to cover your neck!

Does it hurt? It stings. Patients describe it feeling like a bee sting sensation that last a few minutes. Good news is you know that feeling means Kybella is dissolving your fat cells! Applying an icepack will help and the discomfort really only lasts a few minutes.

Afterwards expect some swelling and possibly bruising. This can last several days up to a week. Avoid exercise and heat for several days after your treatment. Heat and exercise can increase blood flow and make swelling worse.

How long does Kybella last?

Because Kybella is permanent, once you’ve achieved your desired results, you shouldn’t need more treatments.

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