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All About the Eyes: Treating Above the Mask!

When quarantine started back in mid-March and our lives consisted of going between the porch and the couch and the dining room table, and swapping yoga pants for pjs in the evening, my daughter (who turned 21 during quarantine) and I talked about one thing we really liked about isolation: we didn’t have to wear makeup for any reason! I’ve been that way most of my life…high school was an exception, as were my college going out days. But after my mid-20s, I just really haven’t preferred wearing makeup unless it feels mandatory to the situation (jobs, events, going out to dinner). Don’t get me wrong, I love to look pretty for a nice dinner, etc, but the everyday of being done up isn’t my style. I guess it rubbed off on my daughter because she is exactly the same way, and always has been. My coworkers know me well too: Karen texted me a few weeks in to quarantine and said: I bet you are in your happy place! In yoga pants with no makeup on! VERY true!

The morning Body Tonic reopened in mid-May, I put on my first full face of makeup since March 16th and it felt really strange. I also quickly realized my makeup routine was going to have to be altered because of the constant mask wearing. I started getting acne on my chin and over my top lip, so I stopped wearing my “foundation” which is actually Colorescience Even Up. And the lip gloss I always used to re-apply was obviously unnecessary. So it all came down to the eyes… for me that’s just mascara and under eye concealer.

I find myself scrutinizing my eyes now, as they are the only part of my face reflected back at me in the mirror over my mask. Scrutinizing! (Goodness I need to get some positivity)! I notice dark circles and the fine lines under my eyes, and my forehead…is it dry? I stood in Iris’s room in the bright sunlight yesterday and realized I need my Botox! That’s what I’m seeing on my forehead – not the need for more water! Botox doesn’t just minimize lines, it actually makes the skin more elastic and pliable so it looks more hydrated.

What other medical spa treatments/products could help enhance the above-mask region of the face? Tear trough enhancement to minimize dark circle and/or bags. Colorescience hydrating eye masks (they absolutely work), and of course Total Eye to conceal, correct and protect the under eye skin.

We have $50 off all Galderma syringes of filler starting now through the end of July. Generally it’s a Galderma filler that is used for tear trough enhancement so take advantage if you can. And all our eye products (Colorescience and Skin Better) are 20% off as well. Check out our Monthly Specials for more details.

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