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Post-Quarantine Goodies: A New Lip Filler and a Deep Chemical Peel

It’s been a great two weeks back at work, and (semi) out of quarantine! Thanks for all your patience with our check-in and Covid protocols! It has gone a lot more smoothly than I ever hoped for. Although we all have masks on, it’s been great to see the top halves of your faces again after two months!

My quarantine was fairly eventful, everything from the sadness of having to put down one of my dogs (almost 14 years old!), to the celebration of my daughter turning 21, Covid-style! Working from home was lovely for this introvert, but “normal” is coming back to life.

So what’s new around Body Tonic besides a lot of hand sanitizer, masks and commercial grade cleansers? Surprisingly, our first week back, Galderma launched their new filler, Restylane Kysse! I knew it was coming at some point, but didn’t expect it this soon. Kysse has been used in Europe several years, and recently got the FDA approval for the US. It’s specifically formulated for the lips and has been shown to last up to one year. It is designed to give the perfect balance between fullness and definition, structure and flexibility.

Restylane Kysse is made with XpresHAn Technology (like Refyne and Defyne) which gives the filler more flexibility in the areas of the face that have a lot of movement (like the lips). So not only does it look natural with movement, it also feels natural, and less like you have something in your lips. The results I’ve seen so far are B E A U T I F U L!

On the non-injectable side, we are bringing on Skin Ceuticals new TCA peel. Kit tried it last week and we should have before and afters soon. The peel is specifically for pigmentation. She was still peeling last time I saw her, but her skin underneath was pink and clear! As soon as we are offering it, we will put out more details.

Also, this is our last week of offering 20% off products. It’s a great time to take grab those higher-priced bottles of gold, like CE Ferulic, Triple Lipid, Alpha Ret, and Alto!

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