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I Am a Cautionary Tale: Do as We Say, Not as We Do

If you’ve been a Body Tonic client for awhile, you probably know that microneedling is a staff favorite, and you’ve likely experienced this treatment yourself. For several years the microneedling device we used was called MicroPen and it worked great. But just like all technology, there are upgrades and improvements, and we recently switched our device from MicroPen to SkinPen, and the results are fantastic. The main difference with Skin Pen, as far as improvement in treatment efficacy, is that is has more needles in the cartridge tip, and is able to penetrate more deeply through the skin than the MicroPen.

Skin Pen has fourteen 2.5mm sterile surgical steel micro-needles creating 1600 micro-injuries per second. Why create micro-injuries? Microneedling creates these controlled injuries to stimulate the body’s healing response to repair itself, which in turn stimulates collagen, giving you more pliable, smoother, clearer skin.

I’ve now had my second SkinPen treatment with PRP and it is evident, just by the erythema that forms during the treatment, that this is a superior device. Do be aware that downtime is going to be closer to three days, rather than one or two, as was par for the course with the MicroPen. The downtime will be redness and dryness.

Because I’m in the med spa industry I don’t particularly care if I look a little crazy out in public after a procedure (swelling, bruising, redness, etc.). I went to the gym yesterday and today with my red face and didn’t get too many stares…although I did spot some double takes. But we know many people wish to be mostly back to normal before heading out into the world. If you need to be free of redness and flaking, give yourself three days (five if you have an event, just to be safe).

As I’m writing this, I’m 48 hours post treatment, my redness has faded to bronze, and I’m really dry. I was using the Neocutis Post-Procedure products but gave up this afternoon and switched to HydraBalm just because I’m so dry. I am a cautionary tale though, as I didn’t stop my AlphaRet or my glycolic before my treatment….so my skin was much more reactive and sensitive than if I followed the correct pre-instructions!

Here are the pre-treatment instructions we recommend for you to have the most optimal treatment with the least amount of downtime: No Retin-A products three days before your treatment No autoimmune therapies or products 12 hours before your treatment No prolonged sun exposure to the face 24 hours prior to treatment

At your treatment we will provide you with printed post-care instructions and recommendations for post-care products (VERY IMPORTANT with SkinPen as the micro-channels in the skin can stay open up to 24 hours).

Skin Pen, with and without PRP, are June Specials.

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