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Filler Up! 44th Birthday Blog


I’m turning 44 on the 27th and I wanted a little refresh of my face before the big day. We all tend to do that here: make sure we’ve got fillers and Botox on board before a birthday. I had/have a decent sized laundry list of procedures I wanted done. I got lucky and was able to jump on Gina’s schedule recently for a tear trough enhancement with Belotero, a little Sculptra in my temples, and some Voluma in my cheeks.

My tear troughs are probably the facial feature that bothers me most. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes, but as I’ve gotten older, they just got deeper and darker, and finally a few years ago, the orbital rim began to show (a separation begins to be apparent between the tear trough and the top of the cheek bone). I have had my tear troughs filled a few times with various fillers (Belotero and Restylane), but because my under eye skin is thinner than many people’s, Belotero is the best option for me. It’s an extremely delicate filler that is used for more superficial areas, like vertical lines around the mouth, tear troughs, or neck bands. I was SO happy with my results this time…I couldn’t stop looking at my face that night. I just felt like I didn’t look so tired anymore! It is seriously miraculous. Do be aware though that with a filler as delicate as Belotero, it will likely not last as long as some other fillers that have larger molecules. How long a filler lasts is also dependent on individual metabolisms, and how much movement the treated area gets.

I also got my annual microblading touch up with Leslie. I held off for awhile before I pulled the trigger on my initial microblading treatment about a year or so ago, which you can read about here, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Having defined and full eyebrows just very much enhances your eyes and the overall look of your face.

I have also been doing some Skin Tyte on my stomach as well. I’m not going to post before and afters simply because during my first few treatments, I was actually very sick and lost about 14 pounds, so the pics make me look emaciated! And being thin anyway, photos don’t do justice to the effectiveness of Skin Tyte. But the treatment is wonderful: I have definitely noticed a tightening to the skin and more importantly to me, my skin has a different quality to it: it just looks like younger skin, and my pregnancy stretch marks are less pronounced. Skin Tyte works by using selective thermolysis (heat) and broad band light to deeply heat the tissue, stimulating your collagen, which in turns causes the skin to tighten over time. As we are talking about collagen regrowth, results aren’t instant, like with dermal fillers. A series of 6 treatments is the primary treatment course, with maintenance sessions after that, when you feel like you need it (because collagen continues to breakdown as we age). You will likely begin to see some results within a month, and this will continue to improve after that.

I still would love to put a little extra filler in my lips, and some more Botox, but we’ll see what is available on the girls schedules!

Here's my tear trough enhancement before and after (pardon my mid-blink "before" pic!):

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