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It's Laser Season! Which One Do You Need?

The sun is finally less intense and beach time is over. Our schedule has been filling up with Halos, BBLs and Nano Peels. We get a lot of questions about which treatment does what. So here's just a quick breakdown of what each treatment does. There are links in the text for extra info on each one.

Do this treatment if your primary concern is pigmentation issues (age spots, freckles, redness, any visible sun damage).

Do this treatment to treat all the above mentioned concerns, plus you want to stimulate your collagen and generate younger skin cells.

Do this treatment if you have acne.

Do this treatment if your primary concern is skin texture.

The depth of this laser peel is completely customizable. If you can’t have much downtime, choose this treatment and do a series of treatments at a more superficial depth.

More aggressive treatments: have longer down time, but fewer total treatments will be needed overall for optimal results.

Do this treatment if you want to target texture, pore size, pigmentation issues and stimulate your collagen for firmer, younger looking skin. The reason this treatment is so amazing is that it treats multiple issues at once without the downtime of the older, ablative procedures that had several weeks downtime. Downtime on Halo will be about 5-7 days, depending on how aggressive your treatment is and what your primary concerns are.

Every one is different with their healing time. For me, my redness only lasted a few days, but my MENDS (skin damage and debris that comes out from the deeper layers of skin) last about 8 days, and most of my peeling was done by day 6. My forehead was the last to clear up. Usually the areas of your skin that don’t move much take a slower time to slough off skin cells (think Botox in the forehead). By day 7, you will certainly be noticing shiny new skin. Results continue to improve over several months as your collagen regenerates.

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