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Spring Break and Skin Care: Orange Theory for Your Skin

Happy spring y’all! I hope everyone got to enjoy at least a little time outside this past week and weekend. The mountain laurels smell glorious, the fruit trees are blooming white, and everything is coming back to life! I took this past week off from work. My last time away from work for anything other than driving to Oklahoma for my daughter was this time last year….and it was our epic Body Tonic girls trip to Mexico, courtesy of our amazing boss Stacey.

I didn’t go anywhere this week but I did have a lot of fun. Dinners with friends, pool time and some day drinking, Orange Theory and Black Swan yoga, I walked the dogs in the park everyday, did yard work, started some craft projects, got my haircut and roots colored, and even bought some bleach for my teeth bleaching trays. I figured if I was away from work for a week, I should at least look better when I come back! And last but not least I slathered on all my skin care products and used my Clarisonic each day. I’ve been a lot better about using my products over the last month, but as I said, I didn’t want to be on staycation for a week and return looking the same!

As I was getting ready one morning this past week, I noticed my skin really has been looking better lately. It was like that moment when, after weeks of hard workouts, you notice your butt looks better, or you see some abs that weren’t there the month before. Skincare products are like a workout for your skin!

They won’t get you instant results like filler, but if you actually use them, you can notice some really great benefits. I think most of the changes I see are from my Alpha Ret Intensive: my skin texture and clarity are a lot better and sometimes I even get a little glow going.

I cleanse with Elta MD Foaming Cleanser and a Clarisonic then Skin Ceuticals Equalizing Toner. It helps my skin feel hydrated after washing. Then I do Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic, and Skin Better Face (on face and neck) and Eye. In the evening I use the Alpha Ret Intensive. I also took home a sample of the Skin Better Detoxifying Scrub Mask and I’m hooked! It leaves your skin super smooth and I had a nice glow afterwards.

I know the choices can be a little overwhelming when you see five different antioxidants or six different face washes, or prescription versus Skin Better retinoids, but all the products have a place and our aestheticians can recommend which are best for your skin type.

It’s Orange Theory for your skin!

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