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Whisper for Hands: Trying to Make My Hands Match My Face

I think I've always had sort of wrinkly hands. I think the last time they looked youthful was maybe high school. I (and most people) focus the majority of products and treatments on the face. What ends up happening is that our body areas often get neglected, and putting a wrinkly hand up next to your smoothed face will drive that point home!

I decided to finally do a Whisper laser treatment on my hands about a month ago. But after about a week I ended up feeling disappointed. I didn't have any peeling or flaking and even at the 2 and 3 week mark, I still thought I saw no difference. And that's the reason we take before and afters!

When we see ourselves everyday sometimes the changes we make with skincare products or treatments aren’t so apparent. Some changes are very apparent, like a cheek enhancement or lip enhancement. But when it comes to laser treatments, the results aren’t instantaneous and the changes take a little longer to see.

I was expecting my hands to peel and flake and then look great within about a week, the way a Whisper laser treatment works on the face. Iris told me it takes longer to see result on the hands so I was patient. I never had any peeling, but my hands did look a little blanched, like there was a layer of dry skin.

At the four-week mark I decided to take an after picture. The changes are subtle but there is a definite change in texture. I’m going to continue doing treatments until I get the results I’m looking for. The golden rule with lasers and peels is generally three treatments.

Want to take hand rejuvenation to the next level? Radiesse dermal filler can be injected into the back of the hand to diminish the appearance of veins and tendons. The results are pretty spectacular and because it’s filler, the result is instant gratification:

IPL can also be used to treat visible sun damage on the hands, either by itself or in conjunction with Whisper and/or Radiesse:

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