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Microblading and My Search for Perfect Brows

I’ve always had such strange brows. I mean of all the things to be strange on a body, why that?!! They’re super thick, and they grow any way they want to: straight out, up, down. Here’s a few stories of my brow insecurities and the path that finally led me to Leslie’s treatment room last week for microblading.

Adolescence: I first became aware of this brow oddity in junior high. I was at a friend’s house and had just been swimming. We were headed upstairs and I had just wiped my face with my towel. My friend’s younger brother said, Dude your brows look crazy. I ran to her room and looked in the mirror. The towel had brushed my brows straight up. And yep, they looked insane.

In my 20s: I started plucking my brows thin in an effort to tame them somewhat. It worked well and went along with the thinner brows of the early and mid 90s. Of course now, at 44, they’ve started to have a few sparse areas, and the over plucking made them unable to grow back in those areas.

In my late 30s: About 6 years ago, when I was working at a residential substance abuse facility - finishing up my counseling grad school internship - a friend of mine had a conversation with my now boyfriend (then crush). Somehow they got on the topic of eyebrows. He said: I dated an aesthetician and now I’m obsessed with perfect brows.

Crap!! I thought. And then I went on a mission of not only working out constantly, but of also paying VERY close attention to my brows. I just remember thinking Who the hell focuses on brows?!? (Luckily he’s turned out to be my perfect spiritual partner rather than a guy who picks apart your face!)

Recently: I Googled “brow relaxer.” All I found was just that some people put conditioner on their brows to make them soft. NOT helpful.

Since being at Body Tonic, I’ve dyed them, waxed them, dermaplaned around them, continued to trim them with scissors.

Leslie and I have been talking for months now about doing my brows, but we all have excuses when it comes to why we can’t do a treatment: I didn’t workout today (regarding treatments you can’t workout after), or I HAVE to workout tomorrow, or I drank last night (drinking can cause excess bleeding or bruising), or I don’t have time, or they don’t have time. Any and all of those have been reasons we’ve put off my brows. That, and Leslie admittedly had a little concern for microblading my weird brows (my brows are so thick and microblading is essentially 2D…so she wanted to make sure they were blended just perfectly). Finally last week she had a break in her schedule and said: start numbing!

I was ready! Enough talk, let’s have some action. The whole process seemed really quick…much faster than I thought it would take. And it was very comfortable. She numbs you before doing the first pass. And then again before the second pass. I felt a little stinging on the first pass, but was completely numb by the second pass. I absolutely love my brows! I love the shape, and the color. They make my eyes stand out more and seem like they even change the shape of my face. She is going to add a few more strokes in a week or so when they are healed. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! My crazy brow hairs are still there but very much camouflaged. They needed A LOT of help. (Seriously, in all my 44 years I’ve never seen anyone else who has brows that can grow straight out).

Leslie has been churning out perfect brows for over three years now and even won Critic’s Choice in the Austin Chronicle in 2016 for microblading.

Last night as my boyfriend and I stood in the kitchen talking about past lives and eating tortilla soup, he looked at me for a bit and said: Your brows look great! In my head I rolled my eyes at his weird brow obsession (he’s got a weird obsession with eating broccoli now too). But who cares! My brows DO look great! Thanks Les!!! Check out all her before and after on Instagram @lesliebodytonic.

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