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HydraFacial: The No Filter, No Makeup Needed Treatment

Ever since the decision was made to bring in the HydraFacial MD treatment to Body Tonic, everyday you’d hear one of us say, I can’t WAIT to get the Hydrafacial!! For me, it was images of pretty much living in Room 1, having Kit or Leslie vacuuming out my blackheads, flushing my skin with hydration, and constantly having gorgeous skin, freshly infused with special antioxidants and customized serums. Honestly, that's pretty much what it was like. We were all squeaky, shiny clean after our treatments. I haven't worn makeup all weekend (not that I usually do), but I'm four days out from my treatment and my skin still has an almost matte finish to it, with improved clarity and even tone.

The HydraFacial may look reminiscent of a microderm, but in function and efficacy, the HydraFacial is drastically different. Really the only similarity is that they both have a form of vacuum exfoliation. But the HydraFacial is truly a complete, medical, non-laser skin resurfacing treatment.

The treatment has multiple steps. The standard steps for a Signature HydraFacial Treatment are:

Step 1 - Cleanse and exfoliate

Step 2 - Custom chemical peel

Step 3 - Extract and hydrate with the peel still applied

Step 4. Fuse and Protect: Skin is infused with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

You also have the option to add in specialty serums: Britenol for pigment and brightening, DermaBuilder for texture and hydration, or CTGF which is packed with growth factors for intense, total skin repair. I had the DermaBuilder with my treatment.

Step 5. Red and/or blue LED light therapy. Red light is for improving fine lines and wrinkles. The blue light is an antibacterial treatment.

You can also choose to add in a dermaplane or lymphatic drainage before the HydraFacial.

Lymphatic drainage which, if you choose this add-on, will be the very first part of the treatment. It felt very relaxing! This is good for helping with puffiness that may be a result of allergies, and is just beneficial to overall skin detoxification. If you chose to add this in, be sure to drink lots of water after your treatment to help flush the toxins.

This short video lets you see what your treatment will look like. It's not terribly exciting to look at, but I can tell you that the cleansing and exfoliating steps definitely felt like my face was getting majorly cleaned, and the rest felt very relaxing (especially the lymphatic drainage). Results were immediate and pretty spectacular...and although I cringe at the sight of my "after" picture I included at the end of the video (I personally am uncomfortable posting selfies), I think the no filter, no makeup pic speaks volumes for the instant results of HydraFacial.

We have specials on this for the entire month of November. Be sure to try one!

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