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Put the Drinks Down! And Other Ways to Avoid Bruising Post-Injections

Typically, if any of us Body Tonic ladies are having a treatment done, we generally don’t care what we look like afterwards (flaking skin from a chemical peel, the sunburned look after a Halo, chocolate chip cookie face from a photofacial, or swelling or bruising that can result from injections). Not only that, but rarely do we heed our own advice that we offer clients on what to do (or not do) before a treatment. For instance, there’s no cancelling happy hour the day before even if we are getting our lips done the next day! It’s the business we’re in and we are used to it!

That said, one of the questions we are asked the most about injectable treatments is, Will I bruise?

Unfortunately the answer is always: You might or you might not.

So many variables go in to whether a person will bruise after having injections: are you prone to bruising? Did you drink alcohol the day before? Do you take medicine that thins the blood? What area is being treated?

Bruising is generally more common with filler treatments than with Botox or Dysport injections. But any time a needle goes into skin, there’s a chance of bruising. A bruise can result anytime soft tissue is “damaged” in some way.

We always tell our clients that if you have an event within 1-2 weeks from your procedure and you don’t want people seeing a bruise, then wait on your treatment. Some treatment areas are more prone to bruising than others, such as areas that are more vascular, with thinner skin, like the lip area.

What can you do to minimize bruising?

We always tell our injectable clients to avoid any substance that thins the blood for two weeks before their appointment. These include: oral steroids, Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), aspirin, Aleve, fish oil, turmeric, Vitamin E, and melatonin. And put the drinks down! No alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

We also recommend taking SinEcch. SinEcch is an oral version of Arnica Montana which has been proven in research studies to reduce post-operative bruising and swelling. We have the post-injectable packs here and you take the first dose just after your appointment. My daughter took this after a car wreck and I can tell you it works wonders!

Gina and Iris will also apply topical Arnica to your treatment area before you head home. If you want your own for at home, you can purchase it at People’s Pharmacy. We will also send you home with a sparkly blue Body Tonic ice pack!

Some areas are more prone to bruising...

Certain treatment areas are more prone to bruising than others, due to the delicate skin of the area: mainly lips, perioral, and the tear trough area.

Timing is everything.

Give yourself time after your injectable appointment to heal from any potential bruising or swelling. If you have an event or meeting where you don't want anyone to know you've had anything enhanced, make your appointment 1-2 weeks before the event. If it's your own wedding, injectable appointments need to be done well in advance....we are talking months here. This is mainly because there are so many events and photo opportunities leading up to such a big day. Still not sure what to? Come in for a consult to make sure your timing is perfect!

So do as we say and not as we do, and hopefully those bruises will stay away!

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