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Five Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop

Tear Trough Enhancement

This treatment places filler directly under the eye. The skin in this area is very thin and so the vessels underneath are easily visible, often showing through as dark circles. Bagginess is common in this area as well. When filler (usually Restylane or Belotero) is placed in this area it provides a barrier between the skin and the vessels below, preventing the appearance of dark circles. It can also camouflage bags, making the under eye area smooth, and leaving you looking rested and brighter.

Botox/Dysport to Crow’s Feet and Under Eye

Botox injections to the outer area of the eye are a quick fix for those crow's feet. Just a small amount will have those wrinkles gone in a few days. Many people (like me) have crepey skin under the eye. One or two units of Botox directly under the eye will smooth the skin and also give the eye a slightly wider, more open appearance.

Top before and after is for crow's feet and the bottom picture is a before and after for crepey skin:

SkinPen Eye Treatment

Not ready for injectables? Or just want better skin texture? Microneedling with SkinPen treatment can accomplish this. The SkinPen is small enough to be able to treat the whole eye area. Microneedling creates controlled wounds to the skin with tiny needles, stimulating the skin to heal itself and produce new collagen. The result is skin that looks more hydrated, with greater elasticity, and less fine lines. Optimal results are achieved with a series of treatments. The picture below is before, and after three treatments:

Eye Creams

Eye creams aren’t going to make a dramatic improvement in your appearance, but they are helpful and necessary. Skin Better’s Eye cream helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. Colorescience's Total Eye is a tinted product that is great because it’s not only a sunscreen for that delicate eye area, but the tint can either double as concealer, or it can act as a primer under your makeup. Over time, it also helps correct dark circles. Skin Better Science's Eye helps tighten skin with caffeine, brightens with Vitamin C and over time helps rebuild the collagen of the delicate eye skin.

Permanent Makeup

Nothing changes the appearance of the eye more than a defined eyebrow or a lined eyelid. It absolutely makes the eye pop, and since it’s permanent (well, will need annual color touch ups), you get to have stunning eyes without any makeup on. Our brow artist, Leslie Sazon, uses both microblading and nanoblading to create very natural brows. See all of her work on Instagram @lesliesbodytonic.

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