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Bottoms Up: Sculptra, Vanquish and Kybella are the New Cocktail for Your Backside

Butts are pretty trendy these days. Well, for awhile now. Not to say people didn’t desire a great butt before, but over the last several years, it seems to have reached epidemic proportions. Genetically I come from a long line of people with flat asses. Pretty much all family members on all sides: flat. To be honest, my genetic line isn’t that great all around. We are really more the card playing, drinking type. So you can imagine how hard it’s been to try to break away and do something as crazy as try to be in shape!

I’m betting the majority of people reading this definitely have a lot more to work with. And if you want some extra help with that, listen up! We’ve are now offering Sculptra butt lift! This past Friday, over a yummy lunch from The Grove, courtesy of our lovely Stacey Francois, I finally got the details on Sculptra for the butt! It’s actually pretty straight forward and amazing. Here’s the lowdown:

Who is a candidate?

The perfect candidate is someone who desires a subtle lift, improvement in skin texture, needs some contouring and would like a bit of an increase in volume. It is not for someone who wants a great deal of volume, such as is accomplished with butt implants.

Sculptra, which we generally use for the face (it adds volume by stimulating your own collagen) is now being used on body areas like the chest, knees, arms, and butt to improve texture, elasticity, and in the buttocks area, volume.

How does it work?

At your consultation, you and your injector will decide what areas you want to focus on. Sculptra treatment for butt lift will require approximately 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Sculptra can be used to fill in dents and divots, round out your contours, and an also be used to treat cellulite. Results last two or more years.

How can this treatment be optimized?

All the experts agree, Sculptra butt lift should always be a “cocktail” of Sculptra, Kybella and Vanquish. Kybella, which is an injectable that dissolves fat, can be used to treat small pockets of fat in the buttock area, thus helping achieve an overall more contoured appearance. Vanquish is perfect for reducing fat around the muffin top area, which in turn makes the buttocks appear more rounded.

Downtime? No real downtime with this procedure! And no massaging like with Sculptra in other areas.


Buy 4 vials, get 2 free (you will need approximately 6 vials per session...with a total of 3 sessions). This special also includes 8 FREE Vanquish sessions to help you slim your waist and accentuate that butt! Need Kybella as well? Buy 3, get 1 free. Schedule your consult and get that rear in shape!

Buy 4 vials, get 2 free. Added bonus: 8 free Vanquish sessions to help you achieve optimal results.

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