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All the Right Moves: Sculptra and Kybella Treatments for Shaping and Augmenting in All the Right Pla

There’s been an awful lot happening in my life lately. My baby girl is off to college at OU next month so the last two months have been a series of “lasts” including her prom, baccalaureate, graduation celebrations, graduation and enrollment up in Norman, OK. We also just moved this weekend, and I bought a new car (out of sheer necessity so I’m not the girl on the side of the road with her SUV off the axle). Needless to say, not a creative brainwave has passed through my head since maybe April. Not that my blogs are particularly creative, but at least I think most of the time, they are something a little better than rote beauty advice.

What’s new at Body Tonic?

The summer days at Body Tonic have been sailing by, nearly as busy as the holiday season. Iris has been booked out almost three weeks in advance, and Gina not too far off from that. Kit and Leslie’s schedules have been full of Micropen with PRP treatments, hair restoration and permanent makeup.

I doubt the schedules will be slowing anytime soon, as we are introducing non-surgical butt augmentation with Sculptra, and Sculptra treatments for saggy skin around the knees and arms. Sculptra in the buttocks helps create shape and fill in flatter or dimpled areas. Sculptra also stimulates your body's own collagen and elastin, creating a natural scaffold under the skin and a more supple, smooth outward appearance.

What could be better than a non-surgical butt lift? How about Kybella for dissolving fat on areas of the body like the muffin top, armpits, knees, ankles and inner thighs? These are not too good to be true! They are happening! Iris and Gina have attended advanced trainings this past week and will be attending another this coming week, so I will have all the info on our new procedures by next Monday!

In the meantime, take advantage of our continuing summer specials on hair restoration, and discounts on products when you purchase filler.

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