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Butter for Your Face: Vollure Makes a Smooth Entrance

I rarely see our injectors get overly excited about a new product. But just a few weeks ago a new filler hit the market called Vollure. Right after Iris injected it the first time she came in my office and told me she loooved it and said it was as smooth as butter! She used it for some parentheses lines near the mouth and said it just blended right in, immediately smoothing the line.

Vollure is intended for moderate to severe facial wrinkles, like the nasolabial folds. A bonus of this product: in studies it was shown to last about a year and a half…. most HA fillers last only up to one year.

There are a lot of new fillers that are being introduced lately: Refyne, Defyne, Volbella, Vollure. How do you pick? Welll…you don’t. Iris and Gina do. How do they choose? What product is used is based on which area is being injected, the skin quality (thinness, thickness, crepey, etc), what is trying to be achieved, and the molecular weight (firmness or silkiness) of the dermal filler. If you think of Voluma as the sturdiest filler, down to Volbella which is super silky, Vollure falls somewhere in the middle.

Vollure, like almost all injectables, has been used in Europe for at least several years before making it’s way to the states via a lengthy stopover for FDA approval. While all these new fillers with matching names is a bit of a marketing nightmare, and potentially overwhelming to the patient trying to research their procedure, the upside is that it’s just more variety for Iris and Gina to choose from, tailoring the perfect product to each person’s needs.

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