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Bargains Have a Place, Just Not on Your Face!

The above is a picture of lip injections gone wrong (causing lumps and bumps). This client was injected somewhere else and came to Body Tonic to have her lips corrected. Iris dissolved the bumps and then re-injected her properly.

This blog was originally published about 3 years ago but the topic has been coming up lately so I thought we need an update! We've been having more and more clients coming to us to dissolve filler they received somewhere else and are unhappy with the results. The less than perfect results are not something subjective either, like they thought they wanted a lip enhancement and ended up changing their mind. The less than acceptable results are more like filler placed in the wrong plane resulting in lumps, bumps or tyndalling (when filler is placed too superficially it can cause a bluish tint to the skin). Or sometimes the presenting issue is the wrong type of filler is placed in the wrong area (more delicate areas like lips and tear troughs need a softer filler than other areas like the cheeks). Luckily there is Hylenex (also called Vitrace or hyaluronidase) that can dissolve HA fillers.

Lesson here is: bargain hunting can be fun when it's for antiques, vintage clothing at Buffalo Exchange, or even browsing at the Antique Mall. But you should never bargain hunt for your injectables!

If you're reading this blog you either already come to Body Tonic or are considering coming to Body Tonic so you're definitely doing your research! Iris and Gina have been injecting for over 15 years now. Sarah has been a nurse for about 15 years and has been injecting in aesthetics for 6 years. These ladies are highly trained and qualified and each year they add to their expertise with advanced trainings and continuing education.

Injecting Botox and fillers isn’t just sticking a needle into someone’s face. Doing it expertly requires anatomical knowledge, precision, advanced techniques, and experience. Inexperience can lead to improper injection techniques. With fillers this can result in the issues mentioned above, and with Botox, improper dosing and/or injection technique can result in a frozen or lopsided appearance, or having so much Botox injected that your muscles are too weak to do their job!

If you are in search of a great value, there is no greater value than finding an injection specialist who has not only a great deal of experience, a caring manner, and an ability to blend an artistic eye with medical experience.

So next time you're wanting Botox on the cheap, or you want to take advantage of that seemingly too good to be true filler pricing, do some research about the establishment, the injectors, and read the reviews. Don't cheat your beautiful face!

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