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Countdown to Mexico: Body Tonic Help for Being Beach Body Ready

Holy moly it’s practically spring break already!

OK, I mean it’s really about 7 to 8 weeks away, but if you’re at all concerned with wearing a bathing suit, 7 to 8 weeks is practically tomorrow.

We Body Tonic girls are being treated to a getaway to Mexico in early March and the only talk around here has been Orange Theory-Barre-Hot Yoga-cardio-paleo-kettlebells. A few weeks ago, as I was pinning some recipes and workouts to our Pinterest page I ran across a blog called All Out Effort. It’s out of a gym in LA. It caught my eye because the title was: How My Wife Lost 13 pound in Two Weeks. Of course I had to read it. It was very interesting in that she mainly just ate meat, eggs and veggies and only did 30-minute workouts a day. I decided to try it. I don’t have 13 pounds to lose but I do have some to lose, and in definite need of toning and muscle gain. (My 2016 was a series of three surgeries that just really got me in a funk…and also involved some wine indulgence). I mostly followed the regimen outlined in the blog and in 12 days I lost 5 pounds…with my muscle going up to 45% and fat going down to 18%. I’m going to stick with the regimen for now. I think it’s really doable and healthy, especially because it doesn’t limit calories. Try it out for something different pre-swimsuit time! And check out our Pinterest page for not only beautiful before and afters from our injectable services, but also for workouts and recipes.

What else are we doing besides working out? Definitely Vanquish (although it is hard to make time to lie down when you’re actually at work). But for the rest of you, Vanquish is a very effective body contouring procedure, FDA-approved to actually kill fat cells in the treatment area. With a series of four to eight 45-minute sessions you can lose up to 2 pant sizes. It is painless, with only a warming sensation throughout the treatment. Because it is a radio frequency treatment, there is also an element of skin tightening that’s just an added bonus. Ask us about pay-as-you-go options for Vanquish: we make it affordable so you can enjoy the results!

We also have lipotropic injections and Be-Thin sublingual spray that help encourage your body to use fat as energy, assist in maintaining lean body mass, promote fat break down, and helps you feel more energetic overall. Injections can be done weekly and the sublingual spray you may use daily at home.

For those of you who want a very regimented and more dramatic approach to weight loss, we offer the HCG diet, which is a comprehensive and customized, physician-guided, prescription-based, approach to weight loss and total wellness. We have seen amazing results with this diet for those who strictly adhere to it, but with its intense calorie restriction in the first phase, it is definitely not for everyone. It also requires food prep and planning to help you succeed. Weekly consultations help give you support as you navigate this intense diet. If you’re up for it, we can help!

Lastly, we have a little supplement called Colon Cleanse…which anyone who has used it swears by its effectiveness. If your guts are a little sluggish, or you just want a cleanse every once in awhile, the proprietary blend is outstanding and predictable! And makes your belly a lot flatter!!

After spending 2016 with some seriously unhealthy habits, making new habits has been both frustrating at times, but also rewarding…especially when I wake up feeling good in the morning. Let us help you with some new habits this year…we are all family here!

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