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2017. And So It Begins: Make It Count

I was all out of blog ideas for this week. I took my laptop into Leslie’s empty treatment room on the afternoon of the 30th (I do this sometimes when my back hurts and her super comfy room is open). I kicked around a few ideas but everything seemed boring. I actually Googled “new year’s blog ideas.”

What came up was all exercise and diet based. I immediately thought of my friend Tony (our owner’s brother), who essentially got me this job. He has joined forces with a friend of his who has spent years developing this amazing fitness machine/method, complete with its own curriculum and protocol. I fondly remember the days of working part time and spending a lot of time at the gym. Tony, Tom and Gary were all trainers there and a lot of time it was just us in the gym. Tom is the mastermind behind this machine/method that I won’t be discussing today….they wanted me to put off a blog about them until everything is just absolutely perfect! I’m pretty sure they are WAY over estimating my blog reach. ;)

SO. There I was in Leslie’s treatment bed, back at square one. But then I figured, what could be better than a New Year’s blog that points you in the direction of yummy healthy recipes and various workouts? We have a Pinterest page with just such things! Granted I haven’t kept up with each board as much as I intended, but I resolve this year to be updating every week! And there’s some great stuff there already.

Now that I don’t have half a day to be in the gym, I’ve gotten more out of shape and have had to come up with a variety of workouts in an attempt to stay motivated. I know Orange Theory is huge right now, and very effective, but I don’t have the dollars to fund that! My workout funds are dedicated to hot yoga at Black Swan. So my cardio/weights have to come for free! Also I’m partial to working out alone.

There are lots of examples of these kinds of workout on our Beautiful Body Board. I like workouts that can be modified for the environment, and I also enjoy changing it up. And if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, just go here to figure out your target heart rate zones, then take your pulse a few times throughout your workout to make sure you’re in the right zone for fat burning.

I think the key to getting back in the gym (if you’ve had this problem like I have) is: don't over think it. Just go. Or do some of the at-home workouts we have pinned. I live on the third floor of an apartment and I’ve often used the four flights of stairs I climb regularly to run intervals and then do things like squats, burpees, steps ups, etc in the apartment. Rinse, repeat. Just do it.

Need extra motivation? Here’s my favorite Nike video ad, Make It Count, that can even get you ramped up for a pre-dawn workout. Don't be turned off by the skinny b*tches in the cover pic. It's an amazing 5-minutes of life motivation!

Our Eat Healthy Board has tons of options, from vegetarian to late night snacks to crock pot cooking. A few might not look super healthy, but like I said, I modify a lot. Use chicken instead of pork, remove some of the heavier ingredients, etc.

If you like what you see, follow us as we will keep updating every week!

Want even more for getting in shape? We have Vanquish Body Contouring, lipotropic injections, and our new B-Thin lipotropic accelerator spray. Happy New Year!

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