Bellafill: A Product So Effective it Made Iris Tear Up!

Before last week, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Iris elicit emotion over seeing a before and after picture. The photo was of a patient (not ours) who had a total makeover with 38 syringes of Bellafill. Pretty excessive, but the results were amazing. As Iris looked at the picture and passed it to Gina, she looked teary, saying, That must have changed her life. This is the pic:

We have brought Bellafill into our practice because it is the only filler that has an indication for treating acne scarring. Plus it lasts FIVE years…did I say that part already? And with a price point similar to Voluma, this product and its results has amazing value. Our Bellafill rep was visiting with us last week and we were all discussing research about treating acne scars. It reminded me just how emotional acne scars can be. Men grow beards, women wear thick makeup and many people don’t even want to talk about it, making treatment of it more difficult. I don’t know how I escaped without scars…I had cystic acne on and off until I was almost 30, and did three rounds of Accutane throughout my life. My mother was not so lucky and had fairly significant scarring on her cheeks. It completely haunted her and contributed to poor self-esteem. In her later adult years she was, like many others, taking advantage of any laser skin treatment she could find to try to help smooth her skin and make her feel pretty.

As Gina and Iris reminded me, patients with acne scaring have definitely done their research on what is available, and lasers have been a longtime go-to treatment for acne scarring. Until Bellafill, we recommended Micropen as the best option for treatment. I still really stand by that as well. It truly is transformative. This is my favorite Micropen treatment pic, and it shows baseline and after two treatments.

But some people have deeper scarring than can be optimally treated with Micropen. Bellafill and Micropen can actually be used in conjunction with one another: a few Micropen treatments prior to Bellafill and your end result will be near perfectly smooth skin.

Here is one of our clients treated with Bellafill for acne scarring. She is so happy with the results:

A typical course of treatment will be two to three sessions about 6 weeks apart and you will need about 2-5 syringes for optimal correction.

So what exactly is Bellafill? I put this part at the end so maybe y'all wouldn't get bored and close out the blog without finishing it! Bellafill, previously known as Artefill, is a dermal filler that last at least five years. It is not a hyaluronic acid like Juvederm, Restyalne or most of the fillers people are familiar with. It’s made of PMMA (poly-methylmethacrylate…which by the way is fun to say and kind of makes you feel smart) and bovine collagen. The bovine collagen stimulates your own collagen to regrow and the PMMA helps provide additional scaffolding and structure for volumization. PMMA, although a permanent substance, is completely safe and has been used in the medical field for over 60 years.

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