Fall Face Lyft Video Blog: No You Won't Look Like Lady Gaga at the VMA's

This past week, Iris bizarrely had about 3 hours on her schedule and I desperately wanted my cheeks done again and some filler placed near my orbital rim underneath my eyes, by my tear troughs.

With our Open House quickly approaching I thought a video of the procedures would make a whole lotta sense! We have an in-house only special called a Fall Face Lyft: purchase 2 Lyft (each at $100 off) and get a Silk or Restylane at half off! This is honestly an incredible special! But sometimes purchasing multiple syringes can feel overwhelming or perhaps even confusing, as some people wonder, where the heck will I fit all that product in my face?

Well! Our video will show you! Maricela was sweet enough to video for us and the intention was really more like a live stream format: we talked throughout and asked all the questions we’ve personally had about the procedure, and questions we hear from clients.

The video is lengthy but I’ve left it mostly in tact so you can see how Iris assess, and hear all our questions and answers. I look pregnant in this video, but I assure you I am not!

Here are some of the highlights. If you don’t have time to watch, just keep it on in the background and listen to Iris’s vast knowledge!

The video covers cheek enhancement and tear trough enhancement.

Some of what is discussed:

  • How much product will you need? (In total I ended up having 3.5 syringes of Lyft in my cheeks and nearly 1 syringe of Restylane in my tear troughs and around the orbital rim)

  • How will the placement of your product be determined?

  • Will you look like Lady Gaga from the VMA’s?

  • How does placing product in one part of the face (like the cheeks) enhance other areas (like the tear troughs, nasolabial folds and marionettes)?

  • What does the procedure feels like?

  • What you need to avoid before the procedure?

  • What to do after the procedure?

  • Don’t face plant doing yoga after your cheek enhancement…and much more!

Be sure to check out our Events page for all the online and in-house only specials for the Open House, Thursday, November 3rd, from 3-7.