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Wedding Weekend Extravaganza: How to Plan Ahead for Your Event

It was wedding weekend extravaganza for me! (That's me and my daughter in the pic: me with my wedding Botox, MicroPeel, brow tint, and spray tan on board)! My friend David got married Saturday and festivities kicked off with cocktails Thursday evening and ended with Sunday afternoon late lunch at their casa. Now I’ve known David for 20 years, so you KNOW I had to look good for this shindig. That and old friends were flying in from all over the country. So naturally, I planned ahead two weeks in hopes of looking my best! Hair, Botox, MicroPeel, brow tint and spray tan! With the exception of my hair, all the rest of the beautification took place at Body Tonic, of course!

So how far in advance do you really need to plan to look your best at a given event? First you need to know what you want to have done, what preparations you may need to make before a specific procedure, and then plan from there.

Botox: It’s been probably four months since I had my Botox last done. I was rockin’ some serious forehead wrinkles. My favorite thing about Botox is the eyebrow lift you can achieve. My brows are sort of naturally straight across so when I realized you can get an arch from having Botox injected in a specific way, I was very excited. Botox can take up to five days for results to be apparent, and some bruising is possible (although if you avoid alcohol, fish oil, ibuprofen and melatonin for a week before, bruising is minimized). So plan to do Botox at least a week before your event. If you want to do filler, you will need to schedule your appointment several weeks before any big occasion.

On Tuesday, Leslie blocked out some time for me on her schedule that said “Beth’s face.” She did a MicroPeel and a brow tint.

MicroPeel: A MicroPeel is actually a perfect treatment to get a few days before an event because it really does give you a glow. It’s a three step procedure that exfoliates the skin in three different ways. The first step is dermaplaning which removes all the peach fuzz from your face, leaving you very smooth. Dermaplaning is actually a stand alone treatment. The second step a customized chemical peel. Which peel you will receive will depend on your skin type and skincare needs. The third step a cryoball. It’s like a ball of dry ice that is drawn over your skin, creating a cooling effect, minimizing any heat from the peel. It also has antibacterial properties so it helps with any blemishes you may have. The MicroPeel won’t make you peel afterwards, as all the exfoliating occurs during the actual procedure. You’ll be smooth and glowing afterwards.

I stopped using my tretinoin cream about a week before I knew I was going to get the MicroPeel. You can’t be on a Retin-A type cream before a peel, or a dermaplane as it makes the skin too sensitive. You can see the difference in the smoothness of the skin after the MicroPeel, and removal of the peach fuzz, in the picture below.

Brow Tint: This is a quick and easy treatment to give your eyes extra definition. My hair is currently darker than my natural color, which means my brows look lighter than my hair. Leslie tinted them, so not only do they match but they look more defined and shaped. And I am really enjoying not having to color them in everyday!

Airbrush Tanning: And last but not least, on Friday I got a spray tan from our Kit Kivell. This is our newest service we’ve added and I have to say, it’s obviously going to be addictive. I LOVE IT! It’s like losing 5 pounds in 15 minutes. This is our weekly special so come and take advantage! The airbrush tanning solution is organic, water based and odorless. This is a no brainer! Come get tan before spring break, SXSW or F1…or just because.

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