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Laser Skin Resurfacing: Get Some Clarity Before Whisper Season is Over!

Since I started working at Body Tonic, I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Whisper (laser skin resurfacing treatment): I need to get a Whisper….or…Oooo! Let’s do a Whisper together!…or…Oh my God we need to do one on you, you’re gonna LOVE it!! When clients call to inquire about it, I hear Maricela on the phone answering all the questions about how it works, and two things people are especially interested in: what’s the downtime like, and how do you look afterwards?

Well, I finally got a Whisper and I’m here to tell you all about what you’re gonna look like, feel like, and how long until your face looks gorgeous again.

The Whisper is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses a laser to remove the outer layer of skin, where discoloration, roughness and fine lines are present, and causing the damage to peel off in 3-5 days. This leaves a shiny, fresh upper layer of skin that will leave you looking youthful, with minimized visible sun damage, less fine lines, and much improved skin clarity and texture. Skin cell turnover, as well as collagen and elastin production, is stimulated. It is minimally invasive and takes about thirty minutes to complete. A topical anesthetic will be applied prior to treatment, so there will be minimal discomfort.

Here’s what it’s like:

Day 1:

My procedure was at noon, and my first question was: What am I gonna look like tonight? I was planning to see my boyfriend, and although I had already warned him I may look strange, I just really wanted to be mentally prepared. The answer: You’re going to look red.

Numbing cream was applied to my face and I sat at my computer working while my face prepared for not feeling the laser treatment.

Before the treatment Kit covered my eyes with small patches that look like bandaids to protect my eyes from the laser. She started the treatment by my jawline and gave me a little test of what the treatment would feel like, just so I knew what to expect. It stung a little, but other than that, it was fine, and I was ready.

She started. I’m not gonna lie, one of my first thoughts was, How long is this going to take?! Not because it was particularly painful, but because the sensation on my skin was that the laser was doing teeny tiny, pin-sized areas at a time. It felt like the treatment could last four hours!

So, did it hurt? Most of the feeling was more like annoyance than pain. The areas above my eyebrows and around my lips were the most sensitive and those did hurt. But it was definitely bearable and we are only talking about a few minutes of your life for a pretty amazing result!

Kit applied a post-procedure gel to my face to keep me hydrated and told me to reapply whenever I felt dry. My face felt hot and sensitive for a few hours. The redness that started in just one area of my cheek eventually covered my whole face and I stayed red through day 2. Words of wisdom: be ready with a hat. You can NOT get any sun on your newly lasered skin. And you won’t want to wear sun screen directly after because it will burn. My two running caps I have weren’t that great. Maybe a big floppy beach hat? Anyway, stay out of the sun! Period.

The evening of my treatment, I reapplied my gel a few times and I felt fine in general.

Day 2

My face was sensitive in the morning and looked splotchy. Not too bad. I mean, you don’t look great, don’t get me wrong. But it was noting drastic…just splotchy color. The gel I kept applying was greasy, although was very helpful in minimizing discomfort and aiding in healing. I had to keep my hair clipped up to minimize the grease. I applied my hydrocortisone a few times that day, as it helps to keep melasma from being overstimulated. That did burn the first time I put it on, but only lasted for a few minutes. Day 2 was not bad, and was fairly uneventful.

Day 3

I woke up with my face very tight and dry. I could not get out of my shower fast enough to get some gel on my face. It was tight and dry and felt like my whole face would crack if I smiled. In fact, when I walked in to work I said hi and smiled and then immediately reached for my face and said Oh! I should NOT have done that!

This was the day I reapplied my moisturizer the most, and also remarked to Maricela that I thought maybe I broke my face!

This is the day your skin begins to look like it’s shedding.

This dry flaky skin lasted for several more days. Does it look attractive? No. But it’s really just not that bad. People are actually not scrutinizing your skin quality and texture everywhere you go…and even if you get a few strange looks, who cares? You’re gonna look waaay hotter than everyone in a few days.

Days 4-6

Not much to report after the tightness and dryness of Day 3. The shedding continues and the need for hydration from the inside and outside continues. Use your post-procedure ointment. Start the sunscreen by day 2 or 3. WEAR A HAT!! You will HAVE to!! And if you have to go to work, maybe consider doing your Whisper treatment later in the week so your Day 3 falls on the weekend. Day 3 did not feel bueno.

What do we recommend for caring for your skin post-procedure?

CE Feurulic: A Vitamn C and E antioxidant serum that helps skin heal more quickly, cutting 2-3 days of downtime off your recovery, while also promoting collagen and elastin protection.

Laser Enzyme Gel: Formulated to aid in post-operative recovery, this has proven emollients that deeply hydrate skin; provides an occlusive barrier over vulnerable skin; and helps to heal and soothe skin.

Sunscreen: A must have all year round. Our favorites are Journee (which contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid for hydration, SPF, and green tea extract which also gives it a subtle tint); and we also loved Elta MD's UV Daily Tinted SPF with hyaluronic acid.

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