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Subtlety in Beauty: Yes, We All Have Filler

Lately I’ve been hearing our newer clients inquiring about filler when they are either checking in or checking out. Usually there is a particular procedure they’ve been thinking about, like lip enhancement, or getting their cheeks done, or maybe their tear troughs. But they haven’t done it yet for fear of looking like a puffer fish. Or looking like some of the women on Real Housewives, or any one of the many celebrities we see who’ve gotten carried away.

Our new clients are often surprised to hear that we all have filler in our faces! You do?!? Is always their answer. Well, I can’t tell! I never would have guessed! Precisely. That is the goal of our injectors: to simply enhance the features you already have…not make them different or over-filled.

Hearing these clients exclamations about not being able "to tell" we've had anything done has also got me thinking about subtlety in the art of medical spa treatments. Being in this world of beauty has tuned me into the subtle changes people could make in their appearance that would render dramatic results. (Yes, I’m not gonna lie: I DO sometimes look at people and think of procedures that would enhance appearance: tear troughs, nasolabial folds, cheeks, Botox, lips, fine lines, etc. I can’t help it! I look at before and after pictures all day!!). Last weekend I was watching TV with my husband and I said, That woman could use some Botox in her neck. She had pronounced neck bands and I knew that Botox would relax her neck enough to make the skin appear smoother, and younger. He said, What do I need? I looked up at him, fully ready to NOT say anything, and he asked, Botox in my forehead? I looked at his deeper static forehead lines and answered, Yeah. :)

So often it's just little changes that make so much difference. Just little things like a smoother neck, which can take years off your appearance, or a smoother forehead, which definitely makes you look more relaxed, and yes, also younger. Medical spa treatments are meant to enhance your natural features that have changed with age, they are not meant to make you look different.

Here are examples of both of those procedures I mentioned. Botox for neck lift:

Botox for forhead lines:

I always think of the saying: everyone will notice, but no one will know. That's our goal! Everyone will notice you look gorgeous or handsome, but no one will know anything other than that you're radiant.

And back to the clients who can’t believe we have filler in our faces…gosh most of us have had our cheeks, lips, and/or tear troughs enhanced, and of course, we use Dysport/Botox/Xeomin on a regular basis. When I started at Body Tonic, I thought everyone here looked so pretty. I called it "the spa look." They all just looked hydrated and youthful. That's what fillers and Botox should do for you: bring back a little youth.

We also do a lot of skincare, like retinoids, eye creams, and antioxidants. We get Hydrafacials, BNLs and laser treatments when the schedule allows. There’s no reason to spend all that money on your fillers and Botox if you don’t protect and prevent the skin you just put it in!

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