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Babies, Vampires and a Whole Lotta Fat Melting

Well it’s been an interesting, and busy, last month and a half here at Body Tonic with our Maricela gone. I’m referring to this phase in our spa’s history as: “the greatest team building experience ever!” Down a woman in our busiest season! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little manic for the last two weeks, getting ready for our very successful Open House week before last - THANK YOU to all who came and made it so much fun!

And on Thursday we got a much anticipated visit from Maricela and Eva! Gorgeous mama and baby brought some sunshine into our lives!

So what’s happening around Body Tonic these days, besides getting some baby love at lunchtime? Well, honestly, lots of fat melting and skin rejuvenation: this week, and looking forward past Thanksgiving, the schedule is chock full of Kybella, the new injectable treatment for double chin, Vanquish body contouring, and Micropen with PRP (Vampire Facial).

We’ve had some great feedback on these treatments. Let’s do a quick run down of employee/client treatment experience!

Kybella: We introduced Kybella just six days ago and already we’ve had several clients complete their first treatment, as well as our own Kit Kivell. She had her first treatment last Wednesday. The entire treatment took less than 15 minutes and involved a series of quick, shallow injections. The injectors follow a grid pattern of dots that is customized to your needs, showing exactly where the Kybella needs to be injected to dissolve the fat underneath. The amount of injections you need per treatment will depend upon the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved. Kybella is a patented, FDA-approved, synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that naturally occurs in our bodies, and helps metabolize fat. Generally, two to four sessions, about one month apart, are needed to achieve optimal results.

The first session will require about 2-4 syringes, with the remaining sessions requiring less syringes, as some of the fat will already be diminishing. Research has shown that even if weight is gained in other areas of the body, that fat may not be re-gained in the areas where Kybella has been injected.

Kit shared with me that the day of injection, and for several days after, her neck was tender to the touch. The injection site was also warm and swollen, and can remain so for several weeks. She said that by one week post-treatment, she felt her swelling was down about 70 percent. We can’t wait to show you before and after pics! Feel free to ask her any questions about the treatment next time you’re in! Read more about Kybella.

Vanquish: Although I’ve written a previous blog series on Vanquish body contouring from my own experience, I want to mention it again, as lately I’ve seen more and more “Initial Vanquish Treatment” on our schedule…meaning a first time Vanquish session. The popularity of non-surgical body contouring is taking off, as advances in technology make this a very effective treatment. Vanquish is the newest, most effective FDA-approved non-surgical body contouring treatment available, and it is guaranteed to reduce your waistline by 2 inches in circumference, with four treatments. If you want to lose more, continue with additional treatments.

We currently have a male patient who has lost 14 percent body fat over the course of three treatments. I talked with him during his most recent session, and he is excited about his transformation. It’s nice to see the happiness on someone’s face as they gain results from a treatment that makes them feel good about themselves! And he also enjoys that he can just read a book and relax while his fat melts away. As soon as he has his fourth and last treatment, expect before and after results on social media! These are phenomenal results, and although not typical, they are indicative of the effectiveness of this radio frequency treatment that actually kills fat cells. Read more on Vanquish.

Micropen with PRP: As a staff, we have been in love with micro-needling with Micropen for months now. Recently we’ve upped the ante! We now offer Micropen with PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Nearly all of us have tried the procedure now, and as far as I can tell, it has replaced the Whisper as our staff favorite for skin rejuvenation. When I first started at Body Tonic, we all ooo’ed and ahhh’ed about the transformation from the Whisper laser skin resurfacing treatment. But now, the morning-after excitement is about Micropen with PRP (commonly known as vampire facial).

Last week, Gina came in the morning after her PRP and was raving about how her skin looked. She was indeed glowing. The same is true of all of us who have had the treatment: me, Gina, Iris and Kit. There is almost no downtime (you’ll be red the day of treatment), and instant gratification results include a glow and a youthful plumping effect to the skin from increased vascularity, as well as improved smoothness. Over time, you will have increased collagen growth (more than any other procedure available); dramatic improvement in the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks; diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin texture. Read more about the benefits of PRP.

Come join the fat-melting holiday fun here at Body Tonic! And just a reminder, we are closed Wednesday through Friday for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday!

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