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Looking "Betta": Loving on Our Before and Afters of Juvederm, Voluma and Belotero

I was at my brother’s a few days ago and excitedly said to my sister-in-law, Oh! Did you see my before and afters?! I got my cheeks done! She said, You did? I can’t tell! Well, I mean, I guess that’s what you want, right? But they look great! I’d never have known!

Yes, that very much is what you want. I showed her both my before and afters from my cheek enhancement and also my before and afters from when I started at Body Tonic to now. She said, I love before and afters! I could just look at them all day long!

I hear ya! Meeeee tooooo. In fact, often times I sit in my office and just wish for Iris and Gina to text me before and afters we can share with our clients. People really do love seeing them and it gives you a much better indication of what a treatment can accomplish and what a “regular” person looks like before and after, rather than the stock photos from the pharma companies. So god bless all our clients who have let us share their beautiful enhancements! Mmmwwwahhhh!

The most recent pics I received before this lovely three-day weekend are these..the one at the beginning of this blog and the one just below this paragraph. And they both epitomize the artistry of what Gina and Iris accomplish every day: enhancing beauty with natural results.

The top pictures show the results of a cheek enhancement with Voluma (which also altered her tear trough area, diminishing much of the look of bags and puffiness). She was treated with Juvederm for smile lines and nasolabial folds (which are the lines that descend from the corners of the nose towards the mouth). She also received Dysport for frown lines and glabellar lines. Each time I look at these pictures I am amazed at how much brighter she looks in her after pic. There’s just a lift and brightness…and youthfulness about her in the after picture.

The other treatment pic I received this past week was for treatment of smile lines, and it’s fairly dramatic:

I’m not sure what to say about this except: wow! The lines are completely gone! This treatment was done with Belotero, which is a very delicate filler, perfect for these fine lines that ripple out when we smile. For me, when I see them on myself I aways feel like it really shows aging: like the skin doesn’t have much bounce to it anymore. A little bit of filler and we’re all plumped up again….to me it looks like a five to 10 year difference.

Both of these women were treated for smile lines but with different products. How do you know which is best for you? You don’t! But Gina and Iris do, and they can discuss it with you at your consult. We have a variety of fillers that all accomplish something specific, and our injectors choose them based on your skincare needs and goals.

Our aim is always to simply enhance…not to change. Now that I’m surrounded by beauty enhancement on a daily basis, I often think of what my Aussie friend, Brooke, used to say. We worked at Austin Zoo together and she would always go on about eyebrow waxing. One of the other keepers said: my eyebrows are fine! Brooke said, with her Aussie accent, They’re fine, but they could be betta. :)

That’s what I always hear in my head when I see our gorgeous after pics. Betta!

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