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Sweet Cheeks! It Started as Marketing But Ended As Love: Restylane Lyft for Cheek Enhancement

One thing I’ve always liked about my face is it’s angularity. I don’t know if that’s a strange thing to like, or even if other people find it attractive. But I’ve always loved it - especially my cheekbones. Since I’ve been at Body Tonic, for some reason, pretty much the only procedure that I haven’t wanted to do is a cheek enhancement. My fear has always been that it would make my face round. And round doesn’t go with my personality:) Iris has said she’s wanted to do my cheeks for awhile now. I just slapped my hands to my face and was like, NO!!!

It just felt like it wasn't me. I couldn’t even imagine why I needed it, what they would look like after, or where the filler would go.

Growing up, I had a babyface. I see pics from when I was in middle school to maybe my mid-twenties and I think I was pretty cheeky. I’ve liked how my face has aged in that way…as if I finally got rid of that baby fat (at 25…after I had my own baby)! I’m rather protective of my face, and have liked (mostly) how I look as an adult. Also, I have always considered myself to be a person who finds natural beauty more attractive than total enhancement. But before and after pictures don’t lie and there’s a lot to be said for enhancing what you’ve got! The results I always see come back to one thing: youthfulness. The enhancements, whether they be laser skin resurfacing or filler, just add back some plump: a look of hydration, lift, and elasticty that is associated with younger skin.

So lately, especially with our Lyft and Lips filler special, I’ve started to wonder what a cheek enhancement would look like on me. I’ve watched our owner haver her cheeks done, as well as a good friend, and it didn’t even seem to hurt them. And! They both looked amazing after.

So, on Thursday, the ever-present question of What will my blog be? was looming and I just didn’t have a very interesting topic. And we don’t really have any great before and after pics for Restylane Lyft. So, in the interest of marketing, I decided: cheek enhancement. Gina was busy and Iris had a very rare break in her schedule so we made it happen. And I’ll be honest, I am crazy over the results and I want more filler in there for sure! I’m hooked.

What does it feel like? Well, I put numbing cream on first, and Lyft has lidocaine mixed in with it, so it really doesn’t hurt much. You can hear the filler going into your cheek though and it sounds sorta…crunchy. Ewwww. As soon as the first side was done I looked in the hand-held mirror and was blown away. It was like I just looked much more youthful. My other side looked tired and dry! My left side was much more deflated than my right, and honestly we will probably do some more Lyft on that side in a few weeks. I asked why my left side would be so much more flattened. The answer? That’s your driving side. I guess I knew the answer already, but it’s pretty astounding when you realize how much damage the sun can do to your skin and how much it contributes to not just age spots and wrinkles, but a complete breakdown of the collagen in your skin, contributing to that sagging look.

How much product was used? We used one and a half syringes of Lyft. After seeing the result I can definitely say I’d want some more, continuing up the cheekbone towards the ear.

How will you know how much product you’ll need? Your injector will discuss this with you at your consult, based on where you’re starting from and what results you are looking for.

The special that we have right now involves a combination of Lyft and Silk, which is for lip lines and subtle lip enhancement. Several of us have Silk in our lips (me included) and it is a great product for giving definition and a look of hydration to the lips. It’s also perfect for filling in lip lines and fine facial lines.

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