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Genius Gina: Cosmetic Nurse, Incredible Injector, Marvelous Mom

There’s something about working at Body Tonic that seems to make the whole staff feel OK about working pretty much ‘round the clock. It’s not unusual for there to be group texts about orders, or about brainstorming an idea, on the weekends or at 9:30 at night.

A few months ago I wrote a blog about our Iris Taylor, as part of a discussion about how important it is to know WHO is doing your injections, what their background is, and of course, how extremely talented they are at their art! Body Tonic clients all know Iris…she’s been with us from the beginning and her clients have consistently followed her.

A little less than a year ago, Gina Jones joined our team, and now it’s her turn in the blog spotlight!

I love me some Gina. Her personality is easy going and you will always feel like her friend when you’re in her room. Theres something very nurturing about her as well…like maybe you wanna hug her. I always picture Gina with her cup of coffee in hand in the morning, checking her schedule, or else curled up on her treatment bed in the afternoon reviewing charts from the day’s work. I, of course, know her background: I know she came from the field of plastic surgery, I know she is a nurse, I know she is a momma.

But as I re-read her bio on our website and as I thought of all we have talked about about her life before Body Tonic, I realized I still had a lot of questions that I was interested to know.

Here’s where the working all the time part comes in…she emailed me her answers at 2 a.m. on Friday night/Saturday morning. Yep. That’s just how we roll. (And I have to say…anyone remember what we would have been doing at the age of 20 at 2 a.m.? For me…probably scarfing down pizza on 6th street before heading home to pass out in my heels). Ah, youth….

Here’ our Q&A:

What made you want to become a nurse?

In high school I started college courses to be a Certified Nurse Assistant which made nursing the most logical path for me. Like any high school graduate you really have no idea what you're destined to do. I thought I wanted to do hair but my dad encouraged me to take the medical path. I'm so grateful I listened to him because I've been fortunate to have pursued the more "glamorous" avenue of nursing. Eleven years - out of my seventeen years of nursing - (wow, I just showed my age!) has been dedicated to the cosmetic industry, working with plastic surgeons and being certified as an injectionist.

What did you do before working in plastics and doing injections?

Immediately after nursing school I worked Telemetry, ICU and CCU for two years. This is where I truly exercised my nursing skills and learned my core skill set as a nurse. After working those type of floors you are completely groomed and ready to work any hospital floor. I'm forever grateful to have experienced intense floors early in my career because it gave me confidence and it thickened my skin. I knew I could work any department at that point but needed a change in pace so I ventured into labor and delivery, a floor I really had my heart set on working in.

The next four years I aided in delivering babies which was so much joy! I actually loved being in the operating room and became a scrub nurse performing Caesarean sections aside the physicians. Attaining the experience in the OR as a scrub nurse was the leading factor that landed me the position with the plastic surgeon. I worked and performed all cosmetic surgeries aside him for the next ten years.

What made you interested in injectables?

Assisting the physician in these procedures was always interesting to me. I observed and learned a lot about anatomy and asymmetries of the face, and injecting for not only enhancement but balance as well which was fascinating to me.

I've always been really comfortable with needles. I could always start IV's and draw blood from the worst veins! I guess I have a steady hand? In any event, injecting just came really natural to me so learning to inject fillers and Botox was a need for me.

I often was able to spend my entire days just doing injectables.

What do you enjoy most about your days at Body Tonic?

Honestly working with all of the girls makes me feel like I'm working aside my sisters at home everyday! It's such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. My treatment room has a gorgeous view. I love our down to earth and funny clients whom I get to converse about all the things I love talking about most. I get to do what I'm so passionate and good at doing on a daily basis. What's not to enjoy?!

What are your favorite procedures to do?

Injecting Botox or Dysport is one of my favorites just because I'm so particular in where I want them injected, to give the most natural appearance possible. We all see bad Botox results and I hate to hear the misconceptions about it. If it's injected properly, you can achieve a very natural appearance and that goes along with any injectable. As for filler, my favorite procedure would have to be lips. I love the art of that particular procedure. I love injecting lips whether it's just for symmetry, a subtle enhancement, or a more voluminous sexy pout!

What would you like to share about your mom-ness and Ella, and your man?

On my off time I'm a mom to a very busy 2 year old, Ella. In our house Sunday's are our quality family time. Her father and I live for these days! We enjoy anything that pertains to eating, water, outdoors and music.

And as my career choice does consist of aesthetics and outer beauty, most important and vital for me as a mother is to help teach my daughter to have pride in her inner beauty first and foremost, and also to accept her imperfections and just love herself.


Anything else you can think of I should ask you?

Mmmm no I think that's all and good night💤

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