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Best in Botox? Iris Taylor Extraordinaire

There is nothing I can not do ~ Iris Taylor, Medical Aesthetician, Advanced Aesthetic Injector

That’s our girl! Strong words from a strong woman!

For those who are familiar with the world of medical spas and injectables, you know that there are lots of establishments where you could have Botox or filler injected. You probably also know, or have heard, of horror stories of someone being injected poorly and ending up with a drooping eye for months, or having filler placed wrongly, being over-filled, or any other mishap that’s possible. That is what happens with inexperience.

The greatest advice for anyone seeking a treatment in the medical spa field? Do your research! Know who is injecting you, read reviews, learn their experience level. The decision to enhance your beauty should not be one based on cost, but rather a decision based on talent and experience of the med spa, and particularly the injector.

There is no greater value than finding an injection specialist who has not only a great deal of experience, but also a caring manner, and an ability to blend an artistic eye with medical experience. Iris Taylor is such a woman! Anyone who knows her is familiar with her style and talents and the plethora of five-star Yelp reviews that continue to grow each month and year. Body Tonic is lucky enough to have this amazing woman as part of our staff, and this blog is a showcase of her vast experience and multi talents! THIS is a woman you want to have do your injections!

In her own words: I typically have a smile on my face. I am pretty easy going; not bothered by much. I love life and everything about it. My only pet peeves are semantics, automobile honking, and things between my toes. I watch the sun set everyday like it is my last. I need nothing.

In a nutshell, I administer Botox and other cosmetic injections for a living. I love what I do and I am good at it. The team I work with is a small group of strong passionate women that share similar goals and dreams. Each one of us brings something very special to Body Tonic that no other clinic has. Together, we are the best in Austin!

Indeed! Iris has been in the medical spa field much longer than her three years with Body Tonic. She has been injecting for 13 years, in Austin, in Houston and Lake Jackson. She has completed over 30 continuing education courses in every area of medical aesthetics, from lasers to advanced injection techniques. Her days at Body Tonic are now spent with a full schedule every day, helping 40+ clients a week start or maintain their cosmetic goals and enhancements.

True to her well-roundedness and extreme ambition, Iris has also previously held dual roles in her career before Body Tonic, taking on the additional duties of marketing director, promoting not just her talent, but that of those around her. In her spare (ha!) time, she also runs her own Etsy store, Lady Fox Vintage, where she offers repurposed vintage clothing and handmade jewelry.

Speaking personally, it is not often you will meet someone like Iris. When I first started at Body Tonic we would email and text in the evenings and weekend about work ideas. She is diligent about following up with her clients, making sure each person is pleased with their treatments and where they are headed with their cosmetic goals. Her communication with clients is often, and takes places outside office hours as much as during. There seems rarely a moment when she is not busy: either with putting together before and after photos for her clients, answering emails, taking part in continuing education courses, or pursuing her many hobbies outside her 40+ hour work week. It’s nearly exhausting to think of!! When you meet someone who is successful and talented, you understand how they got that way: nothing short of amazing ambition, hard work, diligence and a desire to learn and help.

The multitude of Yelp, Google + and Facebook reviews for Iris tout her as miracle worker, artist of the highest caliber, professional, methodical, simply amazing, knowledgable, and a woman who takes pride in her work. “Her beautiful spirit has never let me down” and last but definitely not least: “Iris is an angel sent to transform and enhance us.”

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