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Is Dermaplaning At-Home the Same as a Professional Treatment?


When I started at Body Tonic almost 7 years ago I had never heard of dermaplaning. To be fair I was also new to aesthetics. Soon after that, dermaplaning started to trend in the media and there was a lot of talk of doing this at home instead of going to a professional. In case you're newer to the beauty world, dermaplaning is a method of professionally exfoliating the skin with a surgical blade. The procedure not only exfoliates the skin but also removes that peach fuzz on the face, leaving your skin looking very smooth and glowing.

So is at-home facial shaving the same as professional dermaplaning, and will you get the same results? Well, yes and no. Yes you will be removing the vellus hair if you do this at home. However there is the question of efficacy and safety when attempting this procedure on your own, versus professional dermaplaning.

What makes professional dermaplaning a better choice than shaving at home?

Expertise and knowledge. There are plenty of spa treatments that people can attempt at home, including dermaplaning. But the difference will always be the professional grade of treatment that you will receive in a medical spa by a trained aesthetician with the proper tools. A professional treatment is done with a surgical grade scalpel, in swift, delicate strokes. It is also only done no more than four weeks apart. (I keep reading recommendations for at-home facial shaving to be done weekly, or even bi-weekly).

Why should you dermaplane no more than four weeks apart? The vellus hair on our faces also has a role in helping oil leave the deeper skin layers. Exfoliating too often can cause irritation or breakouts, as the oil becomes trapped within the skin.

Will shaving cause your hair to regrow more often, thicker or darker?

Absolutely not. Dermaplaning does nothing to change the quality or density of the hair.

Does it hurt? Nope! I’ve done it and it didn’t hurt a bit. And I became obsessed with how smooth and glowing my skin was. It can definitely be addictive!

Other benefits to dermaplaning? It helps promote cell turn over and can lessen the look of fine lines, as well as improve skin texture. Skincare products can also penetrate more deeply through the freshly exfoliated skin, giving you optimal benefit. Because of this, we've paired dermaplaning with the Alpha Ret chemical peel this month to help brighten and even skin tone and to improve skin texture. Visit our Monthly Specials page for details and pricing.

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